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the ratio of the width to the height of a tv picture

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A user now can select a destination aspect ratio preset, click a button and watch the photo size magically (read: croplessly) changes while all crucial objects on the photo stay intact.
Table 1 is a summary of the ACH of the building cluster in different aspect ratios m and incoming wind speed.
We selected Aviza for our deep silicon etching because they were able to demonstrate the high aspect ratio features to meet our manufacturing requirements, while maintaining superior critical dimension (CD) control and uniformity.
All systems enable typical feature size from several micrometers to less than 50 nanometers with aspect ratios approaching 100:1.
Support for high definition video capturing, editing and output, and support for native 16:9 aspect ratios, allows the creation of files in MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-4 SP formats.
A number of factors are driving this growth - from consumers' increasing familiarity with widescreen aspect ratios from DVDs, to PC manufacturers promoting widescreen as a differentiator in an increasingly competitive market, and next-generation operating systems demanding greater detail from notebook screens.
The new iScan HD is a sophisticated video processor that produces an optimized image in a wide range of resolutions, aspect ratios, and refresh rates, independent of the input format.
Viewing modes -- 4:3 / 16:9 image aspect ratios (4 modes with
HD Leeza produces pristine digital images with picture adjustments for brightness/contrast, color, position/size, standard/custom aspect ratios, and more - so video gurus can tweak to their preferences.
By resolution, VGA led with a 52% share, down from 58%, with wide aspect ratios accounting for a 23% share.
Weighing less than 6lbs and incorporating a zoom lens, it features the Widescreen DLP(TM) Component Set, allowing it to project in native 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.
The report reviews numerous LCD TV growth enablers/limiters, including trends toward HDTV, wide aspect ratios, tiled displays and TV/computing convergence products, as well as problems with LCD viewing angles, response times and color saturation.
The aspect ratio is also adjustable -- since many of today's DVDs offer a variety of aspect ratios to choose from, users have the ability to fill an entire 16:9 wide format screen without having to look at large black borders.
In this process, Exelan High Performance achieves greater than 15:1 aspect ratios with industry-leading etch rates while delivering the required vertical etch profiles, CD control, uniformity, and resist selectivity.