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The one way ANOVA results from Table 1 indicated that there were significant difference in term of mean values of seeds length, width, rectangular aspect ratio, major axis length, minor axis length, and aspect ratio among the weedy rice seeds variants.
To scale future 3D devices, new techniques will be needed to manufacture TSVs of smaller diameter and higher aspect ratio than are used today.
5 also brings a lot of other improvements: the support for HiDPI and Retina displays, optimized memory usage for higher performance, aforementioned aspect ratio presets and a bunch of GUI fixes.
Summary of the air change rate ACH of the building cluster with different aspect ratio m and incoming wind speed, under wind-driven flows only.
Only minor improvement in flow behavior resulted from reducing the aspect ratio of the runner to 2:1.
The data add to a growing body of literature that suggests that aspect ratio, or aneurysm depth to aneurysm neck width, is a reliable measure of predicting aneurysmal ruptures.
For example, many digital cameras have a 4:3 aspect ratio, while a 35mm negative has a 3:2 ratio.
Models based on this mechanism explain why deposition of metal occurs predominantly at the bottom of sub-micrometer dimension trenches and vias, leading to bottom-to-top filling of high aspect ratio features, an essential ingredient of integrated circuit fabrication in today's electronics.
The injection flow rate primarily influenced the position of the subskin layer, and the injection temperature affected the aspect ratio of the dispersed phase.
The BCM7014 chip - a 2D/3D graphics accelerator - also includes an NTSC analog decoder and NTSC/PAL video encoder, and converts the aspect ratio of computer-based square pixel images to the ITU-standard rectangular pixel aspect ratio of standard televisions without loss of picture quality.
Klippenstein previously worked with Dazu Advertising, Seininger Advertising and Aspect Ratio Design and has worked on the campaigns for ``Men In Black,'' ``Armageddon'' and ``Amistad.
To support development of the next-generation of widescreen digital television, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)[R] today launched new standards activity to support wider, 21:9 aspect ratio television screens.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Ultra Portable Size Projector With Minimum Following Specifications Data Compatibility Vga To Wxga Aspect Ratio (Supported) 4:3 Minimum Lamp Brightness (High) 500 Ansi Minimum Resolution (Native) 1024 X 768 Lamp Hours (High) 20,000 Normal Contrast Ratio(White/Black) 2000:1 Display Technology Minimum 0.
Recently, we called on Uyemura for very high aspect ratio plating (25:1) in a 6 mil hole.