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a crystalline amino acid found in proteins and occurring naturally in sugar beets and sugar cane

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The VetScan with Avian/Reptilian Profile Plus rotors reports concentrations of the following analytes: albumin, aspartate aminotransferase, bile acids, calcium, creatine kinase, globulin, glucose, phosphorus, potassium, total protein, sodium, and uric acid.
Plasma enzyme activities of alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase were determined using commercial kits (Zhongsheng Bio-Technology and Science Inc.
5 mg/dL CO2 31 mmol/L 18-27 mmol/L Aspartate aminotransferase 3669 U/L 15-40 U/L Alanine aminotransferase 676 U/L 27-42 U/L Alkaline phosphatase 150 U/L 92-336 U/L 7-Glutamyl transpeptidase 10 U/L 14-35 U/L
25) in the culture of nervous cells derived from rat embryos, implying two possibilities of D-Asp synthe-sis: via aspartate racemase or aspartate transaminase.
Methods: The prospective study, conducted at the Department of Medicine, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Hospital, Jamshoro, Pakistan, from September 2009 to March 2010, included 158 consecutive, chronic patients of Hepatitis C with grade greater than 2 fibrosis on liver biopsy, or having aspartate aminotransferase/Platelet ratio index of greater than 1.
No pattern between years, sexes, or ages was apparent for plasma aspartate aminotransferase, calcium, creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, total protein, and triglycerides (Table 1).
A cross sectional analysis of aspartate amino transferase in human gingival crevicular fluid.
In my experience, some patients who respond to potassium magnesium aspartate are able to discontinue treatment after about 6 weeks without experiencing a recurrence of symptoms, but they may need to resume supplementation during periods of increased activity or stress.
Increases in mean childhood blood lead levels were associated with a decrease in N-acetyl aspartate, creatine, and phos-phocreatine levels in the basal ganglia; decreased choline (Cho) concentrations in the cerebellar hemisphere; decreased glutamate and glutamine (GLX) levels in the vermis; decreased Cho and GLX concentrations in parietal white matter; and decreased Cho concentrations in frontal white-matter.
com)-- Bioo Scientific announced the availability of the MaxDiscovery[TM] Aspartate Transaminase (AST) and Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Color Endpoint Assays which use a proprietary, innovative technology for visible detection of in vivo toxicity using only 5 [micro]L of serum from rodents or other mammals.
Her aspartate aminotransferase/alanine aminotransferase ratio is slightly greater than 2:1.
The excitatory amino acids (EAAs), L-glutamate and aspartate, are considered the major endogenous neuroactive substances involved in excitatory neurotransmission.
The observed gemfibrozil-induced de crease in the elevated levels of alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase, or both often present in children with severe metabolic syndrome suggests the fibrate therapy may reverse nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.
9] cells/L) and an aspartate aminotransferase level of 38 U/L (normal 8-33 U/L).
By day 4 of hospitalization, the patient's level of creatine phosphokinase had elevated to 146 266 U/L, the level of aspartate aminotransferase was 3082 U/L, the level of alanine aminotransferase was 1144 U/L, and the level of lactate dehydrogenase was 4687 U/L.