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a fernlike plant native to South Africa

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Opposite: Lacy-leafed birch trees provide privacy for the master bath; asparagus ferns [Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers') are planted underneath.
Centerpieces were iron candelabras with asparagus ferns, Gerbera daisies, green viburnum, and hydrangeas.
I prune her lavenders and echiums, and water and fertilize a potted orange tree and asparagus ferns by her garage.
With asparagus ferns for accent, you can create a stunning centerpiece.
Horseradish and rhubarb both grow taller than strawberries but not as high as asparagus ferns.
Clumping Berkeley sedge dots the yard, while spiraled Aloe polyphylla and asparagus ferns line the drive.
The four-tiered wedding cake, adorned with a pearl and crystal initial created by Les Shurden, was presented in the sunroom of the home beneath columns of asparagus ferns.
Cut down asparagus ferns as soon as they turn yellow.
You can also take the Felcos to begonias, cannas, asparagus ferns and pyracanthas as well as cutting back fuchsias to within an inch or so of the ground.
I walked by garden design assistant Lauren Dunec's desk today and noted a white bat lily hovering rather ominously over the asparagus ferns, while next to her computer was a decorative bowl of shrivelly Buddha's hand citrus.
Those that are not eaten develop into asparagus ferns which are left until they turn yellow in autumn when they can be cut to ground level.
This metal birdcage on a stand (found at the Depot in Oxford) welcomes guests at the door with small fresh plants, maiden-hair ferns, asparagus ferns, roses, hydrangeas, smilax vines, a small nest holding blown-out green eggs (from Dan Parry, 4727 Highway 22, Flora, 601.
Select tough plants like star jasmine or asparagus ferns, and avoid placing deciduous shrubs and trees close to a pool.
Votives illuminated the path to the altar, which featured a trio of horizontal candelabras holding white tapers and asparagus ferns.