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They will be gluing senecio leaves, threading hypericum berries, weaving ornamental grasses, rolling laurel leaves, stacking eucalyptus leaves and binding asparagus fern, to create floral hats, jackets, dresses, collars, skirts and even handbags.
MAKE the most of a south-facing hot spot with drought-busting plants planted through a textured carpet of tufts of grassy silver-leaved Sheep's Fescue, Festuca ovina, dotted with the spiky foxtail-like fronds of Meyersii asparagus fern from your houseplant collection.
Some plants adjust to seasonal differences, but plants that prefer direct light - asparagus fern, coleus, jade plant, schefflera, snake plant, Swedish ivy - should be moved to a south window where more light enters when the sun is low on the horizon.
Perhaps because they're so easy to grow, spider plants have seldom shared the cachet of such other houseplants as the African violet, amaryllis or asparagus fern.
Toxic plants: Asiatic lily, asparagus fern, begonia, box, calla lily, cherr y laurel, clematis, cordyline, chrysanthemum, daisy, daffodil bulbs, dahlia, delphinium, elderberry, eucalyptus, flax, foxglove, geranium, grape plant, green seed potatoes, hydrangea, ivy, lobelia, lupin, marigold, nerium oleander, peony, plantain lily, poppy, privet hedge, tomato plant, verbena, wisteria, yew tree.
The ceremony was performed in front of two white pillars that held arrangements of white roses, white Fuji mums, bells of Ireland, eucalyptus, asparagus fern, and white feathers, Smaller pillars adjacent to the arrangements held white candles.
What does it do: Asparagus Fern is not a fern but part of the edible Asparagus group and takes its name from the plant collector Carl Sprenger who popularised it as a decorative houseplant in Victorian times.
Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri,' commonly referred to as asparagus fern, is a sprawling, billowy plant that is sometimes cursed by gardeners for its staying power.
Q: I have an old asparagus fern in a pot in my conservatory.
Decorate the cake with a few crystallised violets, sprigs of asparagus fern and mini chocolate eggs.
To brighten the composition--and hide the trunk of the Ozothamnus--he added a lime green Senecio vita/is, left, and a Ming asparagus fern (Asparagus retro-fractus), right.
Each bridesmaid wore a grey crinkle chiffon halter neckline dress with flower embellishments along the neckline, a shirred waist and a knee-length, A-line skirt They carried hand-tied bouquets of white hydrangeas mingled with white, lime, and yellow ranunculus, golden astor, and asparagus fern.
Finches love Malcolm Blue's dead lime tree, fringed by a dead asparagus fern -- killed by the recent freeze.
Ground cover is a category of spreading plants that includes ivy, iceplant, gazania, pink clover (Polygonum cuspidatum compactum), trailing lantana, asparagus fern (Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri) and star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides).
CUT down the tops of Jerusalem artichokes and asparagus fern.