asparagus bed

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a bed in which asparagus is growing

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March is the month to plant an asparagus bed in a sunny part of the garden, the soil enriched with farmyard manure, old mushroom compost or seaweed, adding lime if necessary to achieve pH 5.
Lee Jones of The Chef's Garden's is well-versed on the subject of permanent asparagus beds, but prefers to take a different approach to the standard philosophy of growing the plants: "We can plant roots two or three years in a row, but then go some years where we won't plant any new stock, and we usually have four or five plantings in at any one time.
If you have the space, have a go because a well-cared-for asparagus bed will go on producing for anything up to 20 years.
To the right of the tennis court is a kitchen garden sheltered by tall holly hedging and laid with vegetable beds, edged in low box hedging including a well established asparagus bed, fruit cages for soft fruit and a potting shed/greenhouse.
Delay setting up an asparagus bed or growing dwarf French beans, cauliflowers or fennel if you feel a bit diffident.
Tidying the asparagus bed YOUR tasty asparagus spears harvested from April to June may seem many moons away now, but it's time to tidy up the bed and it should only take a few minutes.
An extensive vegetable garden includes an asparagus bed, soft fruit and everything from potatoes and beans to mange tout, courgettes, onions, corn on the cob and chickor y.
Readers have convinced me to buy rabbits for providing manure for the garden, and my asparagus bed has never looked better.
Where there is simply not enough space for serious vegetable growing, try a few luxuries such as an asparagus bed, delicious sea kale and globe artichokes.
An asparagus bed is a long-term investment, for this delicious perennial vegetable is capable of providing an early summer crop of its tender young shoots or 'spears' for 20 years or more.
An asparagus bed is a long-term investment requiring lots of patience during the first three years when none of the shoots should be cut, and afterwards enough power to curb your greed, so that the bed is not eaten to death.
He put in a faucet (set on a treated 2 x 4) in each bed and we then attached and laid out one soaker hose in each of the vertical beds, the asparagus bed and the strawberry bed, after they were planted.
Creating an asparagus bed ALLOTMENT holders with plenty of space and even more patience may consider growing this delicious permanent crop, which needs a sunny and sheltered site to protect the tender spears which are harvested in spring.
After that, there is the patience to curb your greed, which if not controlled will very quickly exhaust an asparagus bed that should last for 20 years.
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