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antineoplastic drug (trade name Elspar) sometimes used to treat lymphoblastic leukemia

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On the other hand, tests performed on chilled fries (not par-fried) pre-treated with asparaginase were very successful.
Indeed, a fungal Asparaginase was shown to decrease viability of Leukemic cells without toxicity for normal cells in Vitro, in the native or pegylated form, and did not Present glutaminase activity (Loureiro, Borges, Andrade, Tone, & Said, 2012).
Mannitol supported the maximum asparaginase production of Bacillus circulans, Streptococcus sp.
The research team further discovered that asparaginase, a widely-used chemotherapeutic agent, arrests GAS growth in human blood and in an animal model of human bacteremia, thus suggesting the potential use of asparaginase as a new therapeutic agent against GAS.
Novozymes now brings to you Acrylaway[R] HighT, a new asparaginase designed to reduce the formation of acrylamide in food products such as breakfast cereals that are manufactured at very high temperatures.
ERYTECH Pharma SA has received clearance of its Investigational New Drug (IND) Application from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate a Phase I clinical trial of its product ERYASP, L- asparaginase loaded erythrocytes, in patients 40 years or older with newly diagnosed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).
A genome-wide approach identifies that the aspartate metabolism pathway contributes to asparaginase sensitivity.
Common medications implicated include asparaginase, antiepileptics, steroids and sulphur-based drugs (1).
2]), asparaginase (400UI/Kg), prednisona (1mg/Kg), doxorrubicina (30mg/[m.
In the new approach, patients are given a dose of methotrexate that is about 50 times the starting dose in the Capizzi regimen, and the asparaginase is not used.
Uso de materias primas da agroindustria--garapa e extrato de levedura--na produgao de asparaginase por Zymomonas mobilis CP 4.
Among the former are asparaginase from and expressed in Aspergillus niger, paprika extract, phospholipase C expressed in Pichia pastoris, and an addendum to earlier reports on steviol glycosides.
Given the lack of evidence for dietary acrylamide causing cancer, maybe the question we should be asking isn't whether asparaginase is safe or not, but whether we are looking for a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
Different biochemical tests for carbohydrate utilization, nitrogen utilization, growth in different stress conditions, antibiotic resistance, amino acid degradation, enzyme activity like, amylase, protease, asparaginase, antifungal activity and phosphate solubilization were analyzed for characterization of these isolates.
Section one lists nine additives that were evaluated; of which asparaginase from Aspergillus oryzae, cyclotetraglucose, magnesium sulphate and sodium iron (III)--(EDTA) have been evaluated for the first time.