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Synonyms for asocial

given to avoiding association with others

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hostile to or disruptive of normal standards of social behavior


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ASOCIALLY awkward fisheries expert reels in a spirited soul-mate in Lasse Hallstrom's unabashedly feel-good confection, based on the novel by Paul Torday.
a leader cannot be said to operate asocially, but there is in fact a symbiotic relationship between our selves and our context--we make our world and the world makes us; leaders make their own world and are made by it (Lawler 2005).
Realising its position as asocially responsible company and contributing towardsbuilding the human resource for development and prosperity of the country, PTCL will sponsor millions ofrupees towards the educational expenses of its customers applied for PTCLbroadband connection during the month of Ramazan.
ASOCIALLY responsible investments (SRIs) will screen out a variety of negative areas of business practices, which may include not investing in companies that use child labour.
It is useless, moreover, to come to know how we are to reconcile ourselves to a technologized, bureaucratized, consumeristic culture that manufactures bodily difference and yet also invites us to orient to individual bodily anomaly as if it exists asocially, outside of human interpretation and action.
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