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Synonyms for asocial

given to avoiding association with others

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hostile to or disruptive of normal standards of social behavior


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Analyses in the 1970s tended to treat clusters of cats as a bunch of asocial loners drawn to the same resource, MacDonald recalls.
Apart from anything else, it's at least as much of asocial thing as it is a punt.
It's always interesting to see an organism one usually thinks of as asocial, predatory, and cannibalistic, forming large cooperative societies," says Smith.
181) verges on the banal; are we to believe that those who do not perceive themselves as "religious" find death necessarily an asocial experience?
ASOCIAL enterprise company set up to provide practical experience and careers for young people interested in construction and property maintenance has won a major contract with housing association Home Group.
Hugo Van Vuuren (South Africa/US) - Fellow at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Fellow at The Laboratory at Harvard, co-founder of Lebone - asocial enterprise working on off-grid technologies
Widowed and living with her son and his family, she withdrew into asocial immobility, oversleeping, rarely speaking, and spending most of her waking hours watching TV.
In fact, I knew from that first day I met him that, like many a brain-box before him, he is asocial cripple.
The authors present compact and generally accurate descriptions of Nazi policies toward Jews, Sinti, Roma, other ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and those considered hereditarily ill and asocial.
Octopuses are typically asocial animals, so scientists have generally assumed they lacked such imitative learning ability.
ASOCIAL worker knifed by a "mentally disturbed" patient who had allegedly made threats to kill her before his release from hospital will be allowed to sue two health trusts.
Andrew Moor, 33, fell to the ground and stopped moving after Craig Hobin, 19, hit him in the face as they rowed outside asocial club, the jury was told.
The windowless cabins feel more Unabomber than Chinese monk, not symbols of contemplative consciousness but rude hideaways for the asocial.
ASOCIAL worker stabbed six times in the back by a mental patient who had earlier threatened to "kill her on the spot" has taken her bid for compensation to the country's top judges.
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