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having an oblique or slanted direction

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bulk] values computed from AERI and rawinsonde profiles at 0600 and 1200 UTC correlated very well with aslope of 0.
The same analysis for total IgG vs M-spike has aslope of 1.
The Passing-Bablok linear regression gave aslope of 1.
In case if the robot stops in the aslope terrain, the engines work the counteracting force so that they prevent the robot from the motion (active brake).
After a bit of monkeying around, I came up with this set: APExes, APpEar, APicEs, APogeE, AsPEns, ApPlEs, AlPinE, AliPEd, AgaPaE, AsloPE, nAPEry, hAPpEn, rAPpeE, dApPEr, sAmPlE, cAnaPE, shAPEs, stAplE, frApPE, scrAPE.