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I've had to stop and ask for help to get the top up and they stand there, mesmerized because he's Santa.
Also, if your client asks you about this subject, explain that they may not alter or destroy evidence.
No matter what questions the reporter asks, find a way to deliver your key messages.
It was my first exposure to "don't ask, don't tell.
At the end of his story, Jesus essentially asks the lawyer, What is it to be a neighbor to the one in need?
As he proceeds to ask for nominations, twenty students utter a collective, "Huh?
Vladimir Jankelevitch asks in one of his classic texts.
Thanks," Loretta beams, than asks for help finding her stick.
The president's press conference of July 11, 1991-the 90th in a remarkable string of almost weekly duels with the White House press corps-begins: ME President, " asks Helen Thomas of UPI, "did the prime minister bring a check along?
ASKS builds on the Microsoft Office Business Scorecards Accelerator, integrating Microsoft enterprise software data and IT systems to yield comprehensive insight into strategic and operational performance.
Nothing against them, but the average person gets suspicious when a stranger walks up and asks them a question.
The Prayer of the Day asks God to "pour out upon the leaders of your Church that spirit of self-denying service which is the true mark of authority among your people.
The reasoning goes this way: 'If my boss asks my opinion and it disagrees with his or hers, we're going to do it his or her way.
Nevertheless, Maria asks her help in each step, a polite way of telling her what happens next.