asking price

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the price at which something is offered for sale

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The political and economic uncertainty is out of sellers' control, but they are in control of their asking prices, and in general they are not being overly ambitious or setting too high an asking price.
Looking regionally, properties in the South East of England are selling closest to the asking price - at 3.
In August, the average asking price there was PS2,153,871 but by September it had fallen to PS1,845,692 - a fall of 14.
The asking price on a typical "second stepper" home bought by families looking to upgrade from the first property they ever bought has increased by 5.
Across the West Midlands, Solihull has the area where most properties on the market had their asking prices reduced - 37 per cent, by an average of PS19,173.
3% of properties for sale have had their asking price reduced, with an average discount of PS57,323.
Already, asking prices in London are typically PS55,458 or 9.
ie chief Angela Keegan said: "It's heartening to see asking prices nationally rise for the first time in eight years.
A new record was also set in London, where average asking prices have reached PS552,530, which is PS8,298 above the capital's previous high reached last October.
The current average asking price is 2% up on August 2007, the month before the run on Northern Rock, but is an average of 13% lower in real terms when compared to retail price inflation over the same period.
A six-story multifamily property at 831 Bartholdi Street in the Bronx is on the market with an asking price of $15.
In most areas, overall discounts are within 10 percent of the asking price.
The easier you can make it for buyers to answer their own questions, the more likely it is that your asking price will be accepted without significant challenge.
How long has the house been on the market; has the asking price dropped and, if so, how many times?
He said the average asking price of the current inventory dropped two percent to $853,747, or $328 per square foot.