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Synonyms for trouble




take pains


  • take pains
  • take the time
  • make an effort
  • go to the effort of
  • exert yourself


Synonyms for trouble

the condition of being in need of immediate assistance

the state or quality of being inconvenient

a cause of distress or anxiety

to cause anxious uneasiness in

to come to mind continually

to cause inconvenience for

Synonyms for trouble

an angry disturbance

an effort that is inconvenient

a strong feeling of anxiety


Related Words

an unwanted pregnancy

disturb in mind or make uneasy or cause to be worried or alarmed

take the trouble to do something

cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed

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Having girls dress up as nuns - you're asking for trouble,'' he said.
The take-home lesson here is that regular running is not going to hurt your spine and comes complete with a huge list of mental and physical benefits-overdoing it is, as usual, asking for trouble.
If you use only one hard disk drive, even one of the new 47GB drives, you've got to load all your apps and read all your data off that one HDD, and I think that's asking for trouble.
BASING a musical in the world of chess is asking for trouble.
If we ignore the clear signals being given, we are asking for trouble.
Companies that attempt to complete complex technical projects using the "on-the-job- training" method could be asking for trouble.
I want to get back out onto the field as quickly as possible, and a long trip like this is just asking for trouble.
You've also bought a car from a dealer without a warranty, which is asking for trouble.
Steve Wearne, Director of the Food Standards Agency in Wales said: "We all hate to waste food, but by eating week-old turkey from the fridge, you could be asking for trouble.
Having someone who didn't get your job as your number two is asking for trouble.
JACK borrows a whopping pounds 100,000 from a loan shark to buy back the Dog, which is asking for trouble - especially when Carl and Anthony find out and hold him up at gunpoint to get the cash.
What he's doing is assault, and carrying scissors around in his pocket is asking for trouble.
CALLING a film DOOM (15) is asking for trouble unless you are Steven Spielberg making a sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Apart from disappointing the new gaffer straight away, Beckham's form has dipped in recent months and any bighitters taking the short price that he keeps his place at the biggest club side in the world are asking for trouble.
As for Perry's bleating about the penalty, he should know that if you leave your foot in like that you are asking for trouble - and he certainly got that.