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I have now received a reply from those gentlemen to my letter asking for an explanation, and this reply proves that you know all about my Memorandum-Book and, consequently, that you are treating me with outrageous contempt.
For three days he wandered about like a madman, asking everyone what had become of his palace, but they only laughed and pitied him.
What your worship may do, and fairly do, is to change this service and tribute as regards the lady Dulcinea del Toboso for a certain quantity of ave-marias and credos which we will say for your worship's intention, and this is a condition that can be complied with by night as by day, running or resting, in peace or in war; but to imagine that we are going now to return to the flesh-pots of Egypt, I mean to take up our chain and set out for El Toboso, is to imagine that it is now night, though it is not yet ten in the morning, and to ask this of us is like asking pears of the elm tree.
Since when, I wonder, in the Musketeers, did they grant men leave of absence without their asking for it?
Don't bother my head by asking conundrums, I beg of you.
He is asking her if she knew that the body of his father was under the couch.
During the conversation both the man and the girl appeared quite rational, even asking some questions as to the country from which their uninvited guests had come, and evidencing much surprise when informed that there was anything but waterless wastes beyond their own valley.
Now, perhaps, you can understand the significance of that marconigram from Hamilton Fynes asking me to lunch with him at the Carlton today.
Henry advised taking her upstairs first, and then asking the manager's opinion.
It's no use asking Button-Bright questions," said the shaggy man, who had been eating another apple; "but someone ought to take care of the poor little chap, don't you think?
Absolutely ignorant of that low and limited form of knowledge which is called "knowledge of the world," his inbred delicacy of mind revealed to him the serious difficulty of the position which his friend was asking him to occupy as plainly as if he was looking at it through the warily-gathered experience of society of a man of twice his age.
fm is the world's largest Q&A social network where more than 180 million members in more than 150 countries connect and engage by asking each other questions.
com in Denver we were asking people to send in their letters to Santa and I figured it was only fair for me to get things rolling by putting my two cents in.
I travel all the time, and friends think nothing of asking me if my partner and I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy in regard to our fidelity.