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Synonyms for askew

Synonyms for askew

turned or twisted toward one side

turned or twisted to one side

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But to let thys matter of Syr George Blage passe, we will now reduse our story agayne to Askew and her fellow Martyrs, who the same weeke were burned and coulde find no pardon.
Violent Gary Askew will also besupervisedfor 12months after he is freed.
He had been questioned on suspicion of manslaughter but was cleared of any involvement in the death of Mr Askew, 64, who died of natural causes.
The boy is the second teenager to be arrested in connection with the death of Askew, who died after a confrontation outside his house in Hattersley, Greater Manchester, on March 10.
Denise Askew met the Family Fortunes host at the Slimming World annual awards, in Birmingham.
Askew lived the lie for eight years when she was falsely paid more than pounds 11,000 in housing benefits and council tax.
Dave Askew, who came off his sick bed to beat Martin Burchell 3-2, didn't produce his best darts and the bookmakers are right to make Alan Caves the 8-11 favourite to beat him.
Askew will be sworn in as the chair of the American Bar Association's Section of Litigation at the 2006 ABA Annual Meeting Aug.
Reubin Askew graduated with a law degree from the University of Florida in 1956, he landed a job as field secretary of the Florida State University Alumni Association, where he was tasked with planning the 50-year reunion of the class of 1906.
JAILED David Askew is living in luxury behind bars after almost starving his children to death.
Unlike many conference-originating essay collections, John Foxe and his World is consistently strong and insightful throughout, as its authors utilize emerging understandings of Foxe to explore new paths of research, or to reconsider traditional interpretations of well-known subjects; in the latter case, Sarah Bali's "Editing Anne Askew's Examinations: John Bale, John Foxe, and Early Modern Textual Practices" is especially interesting as it demonstrates that the narrative voice of Anne Askew was as much shaped (or even "constructed") by the very particular (if more subtle) editing hand of John Foxe as it was by that of John Bale.
West Midlands-based housebuilder Taylor Woodrow appointed Norman Askew as non-executive chairman and a non-executive director of the company yesterday.
Othniel Askew fired a handgun at James Davis, a passionate anti-violence campaigner, in front of onlookers during a meeting at New York's City Hall yesterday.
Kraft may have a little more moxie in terms of its ability to woo Hershey because its market share is less threatening, according to George Askew, analyst with Legg Mason.
The companies said they hired Askew to represent them in a Phillips County case in 1995, according to Arkco's lawsuit filed May 20 in Pulaski County Circuit Court.