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Synonyms for askant

(used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy

References in classic literature ?
After a few more puffs at his pipe, the trooper looks down askant at the little man, and the little man winks up at the trooper.
and the admiralty courts looked at it askant, and hardly knew where
Though veiled in bucolic garb Montesquieu reiterates Fenelon's askant take on the court's philosophy of pleasure.
From this point on, all shame aside: Terpsichore, drunk after the wine and roses, no longer guards her speech: with no ambiguous expressions but openly, she names that which haughty Venus receives at her June festival, which the steward sets up as guardian in the middle of the garden, and which the chaste virgin looks askant at, with her hand before her face.
The newspaper photographer had caught Long in profile, grinning, the eye that showed askant, so the white stood out like an awful star in the shadow the picture had made of his face.