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the quality of being asinine

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Her jars of honey quickly become gothic--"Six cat's eyes in the wine cellar" (89)--like the other images there: "The black bunched in there like a bat, / No light / But the torch and its faint // Chinese yellow on appalling objects--/ Black asininity.
The Great War, that "gigantic stupidity," the "accumulated asininity of that race which 'N' a jamais pu qu' organiser sa barbarie,' and the vanity of an epileptic" (Gaudier 53) had certainly turned Pound against Liberal parliamentarianism in general.
But, in this case, I believe it is better to be guilty of arrogance than of asininity.
But Schlafly charges that "[w]e witnessed the ultimate asininity of this 'equality' notion during the Gulf War, when the United States Armed Services shipped into combat tearful breastfeeding mothers of infants only six or seven weeks old.
Also, besides conveying the speaker's feelings of anxiety and despair, as in the lines "Black asininity.
Schuyler opens his barrage with the statement: 'It seems to me it's about time Negroes who claim to be intelligent stopped spouting asininity about Marcus Garvey.
79) In any case, absent a literal metamorphosis L'Asino's speaker's essential asininity lies in the defiantly hostile truth-telling he threatens there.
If I limit myself to a few such representative instances of poetic asininity, it is not solely to poke fun (though I see nothing wrong with that).
Menenius's main joke implies--to use David Bevington's words--that auditors "find asininity in nearly everything [the tribunes] say (with a pun on ass in compound, meaning legal phrases ending in--as, like whereas).
Indeed, for the first two years of the war, Orwell believed that Britain could not win without a revolution: that the high officers of the Conservative Party, the leaders of business and the aristocratic establishment, were so stupid (he repeatedly referred, as a gold standard of asininity, to Tory politicians cheering when news that Mussolini's planes had bombed British ships bringing aid to the Spanish republican government) that only a revolutionary government would have the determination to win the war.
Many of us believe this establishment downtown known as the Office of Economic Opportunity is a monument to administrative asininity.