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the quality of being asinine

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Her jars of honey quickly become gothic--"Six cat's eyes in the wine cellar" (89)--like the other images there: "The black bunched in there like a bat, / No light / But the torch and its faint // Chinese yellow on appalling objects--/ Black asininity.
Schuyler opens his barrage with the statement: 'It seems to me it's about time Negroes who claim to be intelligent stopped spouting asininity about Marcus Garvey.
79) In any case, absent a literal metamorphosis L'Asino's speaker's essential asininity lies in the defiantly hostile truth-telling he threatens there.
If I limit myself to a few such representative instances of poetic asininity, it is not solely to poke fun (though I see nothing wrong with that).
Menenius's main joke implies--to use David Bevington's words--that auditors "find asininity in nearly everything [the tribunes] say (with a pun on ass in compound, meaning legal phrases ending in--as, like whereas).
Indeed, for the first two years of the war, Orwell believed that Britain could not win without a revolution: that the high officers of the Conservative Party, the leaders of business and the aristocratic establishment, were so stupid (he repeatedly referred, as a gold standard of asininity, to Tory politicians cheering when news that Mussolini's planes had bombed British ships bringing aid to the Spanish republican government) that only a revolutionary government would have the determination to win the war.
Many of us believe this establishment downtown known as the Office of Economic Opportunity is a monument to administrative asininity.
So why should the RFU's asininity come as such a shock to the England squad that they should creep up the blindside and make the appalling decision to go on strike?