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a receptacle for the ash from smokers' cigars or cigarettes

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The chairman of the council's communities committee, Councillor Andy Ferguson, said: "It's great to see the council investing in a supply of these portable ashtrays.
Each stand has written instructions, 100 ashtrays and a special waste bin.
The subject of the public contract is the provision of services consisting in the operation and maintenance of bins, racks for bags for dog excrement (PE) and ashtrays on the territory of Prague 6 in the desired range (assumption of about 1,000 pieces of trash bins, 550 pieces of racks for bags PE and 100 pieces of ashtrays).
You should always clean out and wash your ashtray regularly, to avoid a build-up of unsafe materials.
Romblon Mayor Gerard Montojo told reporters that aside from the ashtrays, a marble coffee table and a marble lampshade would be presented to Aquino.
Alternatively, in this age of digital trickery, you might suppose that these images have been altered, so that the same ashtray and candle holder appear to have changed hue.
It later emerged she didn't have a working smoke alarm and that the fire started because she had emptied an ashtray into a plastic bin.
McHale told officers he had only just brought the ashtrays inside and customers went out to smoke, but he had to close the doors at 8pm as it was a condition of his licence.
Provider of memory products Kingston Digital Europe Ltd, an affiliate of Kingston Technology Company Inc, revealed on Wednesday that its Kingston SSDNow V Series solid-state drive (SSD) is to be used by Ashvertising, a Belgium company specialising in outdoor digital advertising on ashtrays, as the official component to power its digital screens.
I was especially gifted at scissor work, pasting, and making ashtrays from clay.
A WOMAN assaulted in her own home had ashtrays lobbed at her and her hair ripped out in clumps.
Less surprising is the glut of pewter ashtrays on French eBay.
SINEAD O'Connor has admitted she used to melt down U2's vinyl albums and use them as ashtrays because she hated their music so much.
Council, that ashtrays and seats were put in an enclosed area to form an illegal smoking shelter.
The so-called illegal taxis are good, they don't haggle, or try to dig into your personal life during the journey, they usually don't smell like ashtrays, you can play your choice of music, they are always available on phone and are polite and courteous, what more do you want?