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a receptacle for the ash from smokers' cigars or cigarettes

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To coincide with the smoking ban in public places, Keep Scotland Beautiful, concerned about the imminent rise in cigarette-related litter on our streets, took the opportunity to encourage smokers to dispose of their litter in a responsible manner by offering them free pocket ashtrays.
The organisation's director Ian Cole said: "Smokers need something to drop their dog ends in and if we don't provide this, then Northern Ireland will become a giant ashtray.
Even in automobiles that currently have factory-installed ashtrays, they are often inconvenient and awkward for drivers, causing messy ash debris and increasing the risk of burn damage.
One man helping the cause is Smash and Grab Glass Recycling's Geoffrey Galitzine, whose glass-smashing machine helps crush unwanted ashtrays.
The 12 ashtrays have been strapped to lampposts and staggered along the street to cut the piles of cigarette stubs left lining the gutters each night.
The truth finally came out and windows were hurriedly opened as the ashtrays disappeared.
Ashtrays are being barred permanently from the Whitechapel pub as Wetherspoons starts to stub out cigarettes in all its 650 pubs nationwide by May 2006.
We've put in hundreds of litter bins with ashtrays but people still stand on their cigarette ends or flick them away.
The goal is to have ashtrays moved away so nonsmokers don't have to walk through the cloud of smoke as they're entering a public building.
Two leading cancer charities are calling on people trying to quit smoking this month to reinforce their commitment by handing in their unused ashtrays - except those made of glass.
July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- As automobile ashtrays become obsolete with the models of the new millennium, a new environmentally-friendly portable ashtray may be the best alternative for flicking butts out of the window.
On the wall hung a photograph entitled Rook en Damp (Smoky and steamy), which depicted an interior including a table strewn with coffee cups and ashtrays containing still-smoking cigarettes, while on the gallery floor lay a mattress with fake though writhing worms, which underlined the powerful sense of dissolution and decay.
The 27-year-old, well aware of how Bakelite elevated casual costume jewelry to a new level of chic, next found herself inspired by her family's Murano glass vases and ashtrays as well as friendship bracelets she spotted on fashion-conscious teens.
A ASHTRAYS, match-holders and strikers are one of those quirky items of pub memorabilia - or brewerianna - that folks love to collect.
THE ban has thrown up a massive question - what to do with three million ashtrays.