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a receptacle for the ash from smokers' cigars or cigarettes

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He burst in and threw a glass ashtray at her head then returned with a glass tumbler, hit her head with it several times and punched her.
He burst in and threw a glass ashtray at her head then returned with a glass tumbler and hit her to the head with it several times and punched her.
Officers entered my apartment and saw my friend playing PlayStation and an ashtray with two joints next to him.
The UP in Smoke Ashtray will easily lend itself to customization.
And a silver-plated cigar ashtray Ernest Hemingway gave Welles fetched $5,000.
The ashtray is classic 1960s vintage Beswick - another great British pottery - and is probably the most popular Babycham collectable.
Robert Williams, whose mum has temporary respite care at Nant Silyn care home in Wrexham, complained to the council after finding an ashtray full of stubbed out cigarettes on the window sill.
Alternatively, in this age of digital trickery, you might suppose that these images have been altered, so that the same ashtray and candle holder appear to have changed hue.
It later emerged she didn't have a working smoke alarm and that the fire started because she had emptied an ashtray into a plastic bin.
The gift list consists of a 4,625-dollar Ingrid Black vase by Lalique, ashtrays including an 840-dollar Havana Ashtray by Baccarat, a 1,100-dollar Soudan Black Ashtray by Lalique, and a 790-dollar Soudan Clear Ashtray by the same designer.
Manila Staffers of the presidential palace defended President Benigno Aquino over his photo showing him with a pack of cigarette, ashtray, and almost paperless desk, which encouraged debates among divided internet viewers.
It had started out as a bowl, but I accidentally dropped it while the clay was still soft, forming a perfect indentation in which to rest a cigarette, so I changed it to an ashtray.
There was a full ashtray behind the bar and the customer was issued with a fixed penalty notice.
Ms Matthews then had items thrown at her or rammed in her face, including an ashtray.
Cut to "action" of Sara and Bex being told by Big Brother they must smoke in or around the ashtray.