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a receptacle for the ash from smokers' cigars or cigarettes

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The ashtray she stared at so as not to look at her mother's face.
Looking at the possessive grip that Herman had on the ashtray, Carson said, "Right now I'm not so sure.
Philip Morris now seems to share that view, noting on its web page that smokers can "Carry and use a portable or disposable ashtray for places where receptacles are not available," asking smokers to use their car ashtray's and, most importantly, asking smokers to "Take personal responsibility for your own cigarette litter and encourage others to do the same.
The interesting thing is that, once I have seen the belt and the pants, I can no longer see the goose-shaped ashtray.
There was the "scare-them-out-of-smoking" school of thought: whatever creature most frightened the smoker--a coiled rattlesnake, long tailed mouse, or hairy spider--was lying in wait on the bottom of the ashtray.
Last spring, after the press discovered Grumman's ashtray bonanza, three senior officers at Miramar were removed from their jobs (although one was later reinstated).
You should also never leave burning cigarettes unattended for any length of time, even if it's resting in an ashtray - they can easily fall after burning away and end up on sofas, carpets and other surfaces.
3 grammes of cocaine on his person in addition to two cigarette butts they believed to contain cannabis in an ashtray in his home.
ashtray is sure to be a prized item among cigar aficionados.
9275 grams of shabu hidden under the holes of a carved male organ ashtray.
Earlier this month he took video footage of another full ashtray on a bench outside his mother's window.
On the desk was an ashtray as large as a wagon wheel full of fag ends.
D Mather, Southport A ROYAL Doulton Art Deco match holder, striker and ashtray in the Tango design, circa 1930s, influenced by the work of Clarice Cliff and Suzie Cooper, is collectable due to the smoking restrictions.
SETTING up home in an ashtray sounds like a birdbrained idea, but it hasn't stopped these blue tits.
IT'S HOME tweet home for a family of blue tits who have set up camp in an outdoor ashtray on Tyneside.