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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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The Ashcan, the size and shape of a cigarette, fits into a cigarette packet where it can be used to extinguish stubs.
He was setting off Moonwhistlers that flared and pierced the heavy stagnant air, lighting and tossing Ashcans that resounded like claps of thunder.
Parliamentary Debates and Statutory Interpretation: Switching on the Light or Rummaging in the Ashcans of the Legislative Process, 74 CAN.
Would one have considered Robert Henri, John Sloan, or George Luks "outsiders" because they chose as subject matter "ashcans and clotheslines" representing, the urban squalor of their new American shortly after the turn of the century?
This was not at all like Newark, with the ashcans and cries floating out over the water like a longing that purifies itself in sacred mud.
Other major musicals included Minnelli's Brigadoon (1954); It's Always Fair Weather (1955), which featured an expert ensemble number with the lids of ashcans by Kelly, Michael Kidd, and Dan Dailey; and his first solo effort as a director, Invitation to the Dance (1956), with a cast of ballet and show dancers.
Cronin prepared the ashcan depth charges (so called because of their resemblance to refuse bins) and received orders to drop two.