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Synonyms for ashcake

corn bread wrapped in cabbage leaves and baked in hot ashes (southern)

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Mom is snatching my arm, is yanking me forward and I am fighting, I am scorching at the stories she told with her hands rubbing my flu-ridden young body, the first time she let me bake ashcake alone, the first time we harvested and my skin is tearing and what is left of me is pooling forth and I know, I know what it was for my ancestors to burn with the anger and love of the earth and the lava on their bodies.
For Christmas dinner the family has possum with sweet potatoes, coffee, and ashcake, which contrasts with the elaborate, sumptuous feast the Sartoris family enjoyed a few weeks earlier at Thanksgiving.
Located at 305 Ashcake Road, the facility has the capacity to presort hundreds of thousands of first-class and standard mail every day.
E[acute accent]Hanover Business Center (303-306 Ashcake Road & 340 Hill Carter Parkway, Ashland, Virginia) - A four-building, 183,612-square-foot multi-tenanted flex/office property in Ashland, Virginia.