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of hair color

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Guildhall students re-emerge on Sunday afternoon, with a charming programme of songs by Muriel Herbert and Martin Shaw: The Ash-blonde WAAF is waiting Tea.
Newsreader Kirsty Young and Coronation Street star Liz Dawn appeared as the ash-blonde singer in celebrity editions of the show.
Thousands of posters have gone up showing ash-blonde Sharon, 38, and slim, grey-haired Hughie, 47, smiling serenely as they pose with their children.
The shots on Monday of the two appealing for funds for the victims of Hurricane Gustav spoke volumes - petite Laura, neat bob-hair cut, her apple pie smile as ever, wearing an impeccable cream suit; millionaire philanthropist Cindy, a head taller, all ash-blonde, spiky fringe, stunning shimmery gold, pinch-waisted, full-skirted dress.
The ash-blonde star, a diabetic plagued by weight problems, had a fatal heart attack at her Los Angeles home.
But the ghost of Christmas Past with long ash-blonde hair resembled nothing more or less than Veronica Lake in a 40s Alan Ladd thriller.
She runs her fingers through ash-blonde hair, tying and untying the band used to bunch it.