ash gray

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a light shade of grey

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The FBI Latent Print Units currently use several techniques to process the sticky side of tape: alternate black powder, ash gray powder, gentian violet, and sticky-side powder.
Ash Gray Powder--Mix one teaspoon of ash gray powder with enough undiluted Photo-Flo[TM] 600 to make a solution that is the consistency of thin paint.
In comparison to ash gray powder, Liqui-Drox performed equally as well on clear packing tape and black heavy-duty tape.
Comparison of ash gray powder and Liqui-Drox on the aged prints indicates that ash gray powder developed better fingerprints than the Liqui-Drox on clear packing tape, black heavy-duty tape, black decorate and repair tape, and black vinyl electrical tape.
Stylistically, the new series, "Inwang Mountains," 2005, and "Bulam Mountains," 2006, retain the dry and wide brushstrokes characteristic of her previous work, but the results are more realistic; for example, a barren rock wall is skillfully expressed in toned gradations of umber brown and ash gray.
Its whitish to ash gray bark is marked with captivating eye-shaped scars, indications of where branches were once attached.
Sticky-side powder; alternate black powder; ash gray powder; gentian violet
Ash gray powder is used to process the sticky side of adhesive tapes and labels for latent prints.
Ash gray powder 1 tsp Photo-Flo[TM] 200 or Photo-Flo[TM] 600 solution
Since it'll take about 20 to 30 minutes for the coals to turn ash gray, start the grill 30 minutes before you're planning to grill the food.
Tenders are invited for Pvc Vinyl Flooring Ash Gray
Tenders are invited for Pvc Flooring Vinyl Ash Gray Of 2Mm Thickness Width 1620Mm, Minimum Lenght 14 Meters Roll To Rdso Spec.
With ash grays, toxic reds and jaundice yellows, a blighted future is ever present.