ash gray

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a light shade of grey

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The sun has begun to sink below the horizon, turning patches of blue sky a raw purple and the clouds ash gray.
The 60 by 80 throws will be licensed with NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams and selected colleges, and will be available in ash gray with black "Property Of" stencil lettering followed by the name of the property in color.
Black leg: Symptoms include ash gray leaf spots or dark gray stem lesions with small black pimple-like fruiting bodies in the plant tissues.
Customers can choose from Women's T-shirts in white, available in size small to extra-extra large, Men's Basic T-shirts, available in size small to extra-extra large in white, black and ash gray and Long Sleeve Men's T-shirts available in size small to extra-extra large in black and white.
Tenders are invited for Pvc Flooring Vinyl Ash Gray Of 2Mm Thickness Width 1620Mm, Minimum Lenght 14 Meters Roll To Rdso Spec.
Its whitish to ash gray bark is marked with captivating eye-shaped scars, indications of where branches were once attached.