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Synonyms for asexual


Synonyms for asexual

not having or involving sex



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But if the hybrid reproduces asexually, the progeny will also have the same favourable gene combinations, and will also be high yielding, enabling poorer farmers to afford planting hybrids in following seasons.
from the date of filing the application, protects the inventor's right to exclude others from asexually reproducing, selling, or using the plant so reproduced."
The stereotypes that we use to encounter each other create their own reality; the metaphor of mushroom farms is apt in that mushrooms require no light but much compost, as they grow best in conditions of decomposition, and they reproduce asexually. There is little light of understanding between the characters, and there is much that appears to be decomposing in their lives; their sexual encounters are anything but fruitful.
They easily reproduce asexually by producing plantlets from its side.
Nature has allowed for some species to propagate asexually. But the "norm" for humans is the sexual union of a man and a woman (a male and a female).
Virtually every headline about working parents is aimed at women - as if they reproduce asexually. No one ever uses the phrase 'career man', or asks a man how he will balance a career and a family.
The bane of the gardener, this plant produces seeds asexually, without pollination, so the offspring is identical to the parent.
Most staghorn and elkhorn reproduction occurs asexually when pieces simply break off and attach themselves to hard bottom.
Surveys of rodents in the northern mountains of New Mexico have found asexually reproducing tetrathyridia of Mesocestoides in a rodent species that we report here.
Additionally, the polyp is able to asexually produce vermiform buds or "frustules" which give rise to new polyps, consequently increasing the number of polyps over time (Edwards, 1976; Bakker, 1980).
Eggs gets transformed to the larval stage, the scolex, which can continue to multiply asexually indefinitely within the hydatid cyst.
The same species, sometimes the same individual, can reproduce two ways: sexually, by mixing genes with a partner of the same species, or asexually, by cloning to produce genetically identical offspring.
They are a way for a plant reproducing asexually when it finds ideal conditions.
Among modern groups of asexually reproducing invertebrates, holothurians deserve special consideration because of their commercial value.
Specimens of this species, collected on living bivalve shells from the South Shetland Islands on 24 December 1991 and maintained as a live colony ever since (after asexually reproducing and migrating to glass surfaces) were shown to be only a phase of the life cycle of a stauromedusa when DNA analysis was performed and the species synonymised with Halicystus antarcticus Pfeffer, 1889 (Miranda et al.