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Synonyms for asexual


Synonyms for asexual

not having or involving sex



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Whoever invents or discovers and asexually reproduces any distinct and new variety of plant, including cultivated sports, mutants, hybrids, and newly found seedlings, other than a tuber propagated plant or a plant found in an uncultivated state, may obtain a patent therefore, subject to the conditions and requirements of title.
Tetrathyridia that we observed with a dissecting microscope were asexually proliferative by means of multiple and binary fission.
A gray smudge on a sunflower seed head might just be the asexually reproducing counterpart of a tiny satellite dish-shaped thing.
Once the mosquito bites a human, the parasite is injected into the blood stream and quickly reaches the liver cells, where it rapidly reproduces asexually, creating thousands of new parasites that move into red blood cells, their favorite food source.
We tend to assume that when single-celled organisms divide asexually, they produce two identical daughter cells.
payment systems, mobile payment systems, check processing, ATM functionality, and software, hardware and infrastructure supporting same); machine learning; personalized communications systems; Internet-related personalization; navigation technology; cryptography; electronic circuitry; Internet business methods and search engines; computer software; explosives used in automobile airbags and other automotive technology; soft drink bottling technology; electric motor technology; stereo speakers; cosmetics; chemical compositions used in cosmetics, asexually reproduced plants, and asynchronous assembly techniques.
said Nelson, explaining that the algae can reproduce sexually or asexually -- making spores and even fragmenting and regenerating itself.
Plant Patent: issued for a new invention or discovery of an asexually reproduced, distinct and new variety of plant.
Targeting this foundation species is the invasive pest hemlock woolly adelgid, which reproduces asexually and literally sucks the life out of trees.
Because many hawthorn species produce seeds asexually, yet are also capable of hybridizing, their hybrids are often common and locally abundant.
Perhaps, like the yeast in the ale they love, they've learnt to reproduce asexually by depositing spores in warm corners of badly-ventilated pubs?
This is because bacteria reproduce asexually, and each isolate will not exhibit a unique type of fingerprint.
However, populations in the northern temperate zone have continued to reproduce only asexually.
The miracidia invade soft tissue of snails where they reproduce asexually.