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Synonyms for asexuality

having no evident sex or sex organs

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"The Myth of Asexuality: A Survey of Social and Empirical Evidence." Sexuality and Disability, vol.
See Eunjung Kim, "Asexuality in Disability Narratives," Sexualities, vol.
Despite this not being fully explored, it's refreshing to see asexuality covered in a YA novel and will be appreciated by teen readers in a similar situation.
He continued: "In society, there is a lot of people who deny the existence of asexuality. People think it is another label we do not need.
Ace people are all sorts of different people and manage their asexuality and use it and define it in completely different ways.
Rankin, "How populations persist when asexuality requires sex: The spatial dynamics of coping with sperm parasites," Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Science, vol.
It was also unclear how the findings relate to orientations other than homosexuality, such as bisexuality and asexuality.
Counter to the stereotypical image of asexuality in older age, existing data on the sexual activity of Canada's aging adults suggests many men and women maintain sexual and intimate relationships and desire throughout their lives (Brock, Moreira, Glasser & Gingell, 2006), and this finding is supported in other North American and international research (Lindau et al., 2007; Nicolosi et ah, 2006).
Asexuality is imposed on them because if they are not asexual, then they are pathological.
Synopsis: Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.
Everyone can start from something small: a father accepting his daughter who happens to like both genders, a mother embracing his son's asexuality, and ultimately, the whole family celebrating the union of two people in love, regardless of their gender.