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Synonyms for asexual


Synonyms for asexual

not having or involving sex



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The earlier studies on the topic did not take into account the mutations that get accumulated over time in asexual reproduction.
She could be asexual, but we believe there is more to it and she could benefit from counseling.
1992) and by lack of morphology consistent with asexual reproduction (see Conn 1986; Conn and McAllister 1990; McAllister et al.
There are problems, with such a categorization because asexual individuals do not experience personal distress associated with their lack of sexual attraction/desire (Brotto et al.
Asexual males then spread the genetic elements for suppressing meiosis, the type of cell division necessary for sexual reproduction, into sexual populations.
By studying details in structures, the Tulasnes realized that at least some fungi sprouted more than one kind of reproductive "seed," as they called the sexual and asexual products.
All of this clearly shows that Sand was asexual in her core, and worked against her nature for the same of her art and finances.
With options for lesbian dating or gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, romantic asexual, and intersex individuals, LGBTQutie hopes to broaden the online dating options for the entire queer community.
HSDD is controversial in both feminist and asexual circles.
I went on a few more dates thinking that I could force myself to change and stop being asexual if I really tried.
All but one species are known only from their asexual generations; the exception, D.
Washington, July 15 ( ANI ): Wheat and barley mildew offspring from asexual reproduction are normally more successful than their sexually reproduced counterparts, experts have revealed.
Of course, many groups advocate for putting less visible groups first (some trans activists use TBLG, for example) and some progressive organizations add a Q (for queer and questioning), I (for intersex), or A (for asexual or allies).
1 include a late asexual form (schizont, dotted arrow) and an early gametocyte (black arrow), mature forms not usually seen in the peripheral blood.
The bill, HF998, defines human cloning as "human asexual reproduction accomplished by introducing nuclear material from one or more human somatic cells into a fertilized or unfertilized oocyte whose nuclear material has been removed or inactivated so as to produce a living organism at any stage of development that is genetically virtually identical to an existing or previously existing human organism.