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Synonyms for aseptic

Synonyms for aseptic

free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms


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(12,13) All test isolates were subjected to the antimicrobial activity of cefoxitin disk (30 [micro]g) on aseptically streaked MH agar plates.
The external skin wound caused by trauma was also cleaned aseptically and closed by applying interrupted suture pattern with black braided silk no.
150 ul of each inoculums were aseptically transferred using micropipette, stainless metal spreader was used to spread the inoculums onto the plates in a circular motion.
Tomatoes and bananas tend to be brighter in color and have a better mouthfeel when packaged aseptically, Austin states.
Filtration: There is a lot of potential to aseptically add heat-labile ingredients to food products without heat treatment.
SIG Combibloc's drinksplus technology makes it possible for beverages with up to ten percent natural particulate content to be processed and aseptically filled in carton packs on standard filling machines for liquid dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks: an innovation that offers additional benefits for food manufacturers and consumers.
After sterilization the system continuously monitors the aseptically filtered air shower that protects the point of fill through over-pressurization.
Core Power, currently distributed by Coca-Cola Refreshments, is available in 26-gram and 20-gram naturally sweetened protein versions, and is aseptically packaged in 11.5-oz.
These include 1) catheterize only when necessary and only for as long as necessary, 2) insert catheters aseptically and with sterile equipment, and 3) maintain a closed, sterile drainage system.
Strong growth is expected in developing countries, where the lack of a cold supply chain infrastructure will continue to fuel demand for shelf-stable products packaged aseptically. These and other trends are presented in World Aseptic Packaging, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market research firm.
Ceca were aseptically collected from all hens, and the spleen, liver/gallbladder (LGB), lower (LRT) and upper (URT) reproductive tracts, and ovarian follicles (mature and immature) were collected from only the challenged hens after commingling.
The automation will control incubation, as well media addition and media decanting, to provide an aseptically controlled.
The automation will control incubation, as well media addition and media decanting, to provide an aseptically controlled, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant production line.
It isn't necessary to steam aseptically packaged tofu (like Mori-Nu).