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Synonyms for aseptic

Synonyms for aseptic

free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms


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The periwinkles were aseptically shared into three groups of thirty (30) each.
As the market for biopharmaceuticals filled aseptically expands, so does the scrutiny of these products.
Baxter will aseptically fill and package the drug product, Viprinex, into its finished form, along with the corresponding placebo.
Dalton can carry out sterile fills to produce batches of finished drug product in filled vials or syringes, either aseptically filled or terminally sterilized, under fully validated conditions.
While placement in the refrigerator case means that the soymilk is fleshly made, it doesn't mean that there's much difference nutritionally to its aseptically packaged cousins.
The finished, flat carton sleeves are then transported to the customers' plants where they are filled aseptically with juices, milk or sauces in SIG Combibloc filling machines.
Water samples from streams near UWA were aseptically collected and a portion assayed for fecal coliforms by standard procedures.
Disinfested seeds, three per 8 dram vial, were cultured aseptically in half strength MSMO amended with the antimicrobials plant preservative mixture (ppm) at 2 ml/L and Benomyl at 100 mg/L, or tap water.
Aseptically packaged food has a long shelf life and requires no refrigeration.
It is the sap of maple trees that is collected with nothing added nor removed and packaged aseptically in one liter Tetra Pak cartons.
LamiCan 250ml dramatically enhances your product appeal, both from an aesthetic standpoint as well as reducing production and distribution costs by aseptically packaging your liquids in an attractive and pleasing 250ml paperboard can.
Our WFI syringe combines Vetter's expertise in providing aseptically pre-filled solutions with the superior quality of West's primary packaging components.
Continuous-flow microwave heating is a promising technology that can be used to aseptically process various food products, including the purees from sweet potatoes and other vegetables.
The midguts were then removed aseptically, and each was placed into a separate vial that contained 2 mL modified Barbour-Stoenner-Kelly medium that could support the growth of small numbers of B.