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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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Groves' adoption of aseptic surgery enabled him to develop a very complex surgical practice that including a well-developed practice in urology.
The school was formally inaugurated as the Liverpool School of Tropical Diseases, by Lord Lister, inventor of antiseptic and aseptic surgery, and President of the Royal Society, on April 22 1899.
Operated portion was prepared for aseptic surgery. Inverted L-block local anesthesia was undertaken with infiltration of 2% Lignocaine (a) in left side mid paralumbar fossa.
Animal was restrained in right lateral recumbency and area on left side near the rudimentary teat was shaved and prepared for aseptic surgery. A skin incision was put anterior to rudimentary teat near the pelvic brim.
The operative site was prepared for aseptic surgery. All animals were given Inj.
The lateral aspect of neck near the jugular furrow was shaved and prepared for aseptic surgery. Local analgesia was achieved by linear infiltration of 2 percent
The ventrolateral aspect of neck was prepared for aseptic surgery. The animal was restrained in standing position after premedication with Inj.