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(of non-living objects) the state of being free of pathogenic organisms

the process of inhibiting the growth and multiplication of microorganisms

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Altogether, we collected 125 lesional samples, including 11 needle aspirations, 49 biopsies performed under strict asepsis, and 65 swab samples of open suppurating lesions (Table 1).
The enquiry resulted in recommendations for procedures for asepsis and sterilisation in maternity care.
Since roughly the middle of the 19th century, one medical advance has followed another - anesthesia, asepsis, blood transfusion, sulfa drugs, antibiotics, radiology, surgical technology, and much more.
Therefore, it is important to use an appropriate and effective asepsis method so that the seedlings can serve as a source of explants that are free from contamination (COUTO et al.
These include asepsis, gentle handling of tissues, absolute hemostasis by the individual ligation of vessels, leave no dead tissue in the wound, and accurate approximation of the wound in proper layers without dead space or tension.
The primary goal is to maintain asepsis during the sampling process and that the sample's integrity must not be compromised.
Outcome Measures: Twenty-item instructor-developed knowledge test that covered surgical asepsis.
Thus she combined the infamous Brazilian trope of cannibalistic anthropofagia with allusions to the eucharistic consumption of the body of Christ against the "background" of the asepsis of kitchen tiling: the utmost in carnality against the utmost in sanitization.
WHEREAS, there has been, in recent years, an increase in the number of health care workers employed in healthcare agencies, high patient to staff ratios, a lack of use of medical/surgical asepsis by healthcare workers, an increase in the acuity level of today's patient population along with an increase in the number of elderly patients both with lower immune capabilities, an increased use of biomedical equipment, as urinary catheters, ventilators, respiratory equipment, and intravenous devices, an emergence of hospital and community acquired organisms resistant to antibiotics, and an increase in renovation projects in healthcare settings that have contributed to this growing problem.
Our lecturers were mostly doctors and so we learnt anatomy and physiology very well, medical history, pharmacology, nutrition, microbiology, the principles of asepsis and so on.
Several of the companies attending Arab Health have developed technology to support medicine in its progress: laboratory equipment, ever more accurate and efficient diagnostics devices, as well as solutions to improve medical environments: asepsis, antisepsis, sterilisation, the preservation of human samples and medicine using genuine cold chain logistics and more.
Therefore, it was essential to turn to air motion control to maximize air asepsis in the hospital operating room.
3) The dimensions of quality examined in this paper are basic adherence to asepsis and infection control, and appropriate training and technical competence of health providers.
The programme currently covers blood glucose management, resuscitation, asepsis and haemorrhage management, but Animmersion is keen to expand it to cover about 20 procedures over the next six months.