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a measuring instrument that sends out an acoustic pulse in water and measures distances in terms of the time for the echo of the pulse to return

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Meanwhile, Lawrence had donned his headphones and, for the first time since his training at ASDIC school, heard the distinct sound of a submarine blowing its tanks.
All this state-of-the-art weaponry was waiting to be used once British ASDIC and American sonar men pinpointed the location of a U-boat from its engine and propeller noise or voices and miscellaneous sounds inside the vessel.
But one role Casa Loma played would turn the oak wood-panelled rooms and Roman stone walls into so much more than a playboy's show home--it would house the production of the ASDIC sonar device, a tool that was essential for protecting Allied ships against German submarines in World War II.
The present ones are obsolete on the basis that they are vulnerable to sonar and Asdic resources and even radar and aircraft.
Capt Walker was a great exponent of team work, making very successful use of Asdic, HF/DF (high frequency direction finding).
A hydrophone effect was heard sounding like a torpedo and a strong asdic (sonar) contact was made.
Fanatico (Michael Stoute) seals Hide's treble by beating Asdic (Staff Ingham/Piggott) in the mile-and-a-half handicap.
Four of the corvettes under his command either had new captains or were fitted with unreliable radar and short-range ASDIC.