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saclike structure in which ascospores are formed through sexual reproduction of ascomycetes

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Arrangement of ascospores in linear fashion in an ascus and presence of mucilaginous sheath is therefore considered important morphological characters for the identification of S.
Average ascus dimensions (width and length) (peduncle excluded) differed among the considered species: in particular, asci of T.
Several areas were found to be deficient (35% or less answered correctly) in the participating faculty, residents, or both, and these deficiencies were as follows: (1) management of postmenopausal patients with LGSIL, (2) management of patients with AGC-NOS, (3) management of patients with ASCUS and (4) timing of screening discontinuation.
Descripcion de los codigos que corresponden a la categoria cognicion respecto a los resultados citologia ASCUS y LEI-BG en pacientes en dos instituciones de Bogota (Colombia) con respecto a la cognicion Categoria cognicion Codigo identificado Terminologia para referirse "Es una revision anual para saber como a citologia cervico-vaginal es el estado del cuello uterino" "La verdad que sirve para detectar el cancer de cuello uterino y de alguna enfermedad" Necesidad de realizacion de "Claro , porque eso nos previene muchas la citologia cervico-vaginal cosas, antes de cualquier enfermedad y todo" Tiempo de realizacion de "Si, demasiado importante porque la citologia detecta enfermedades como el papiloma y el cancer" "Cada ano" "En algunos casos cada ano y cada 6 meses" Tabla 2.
Como fuente de informacion se tomo la base de datos del area de citologia ginecologica de la Escuela de Microbiologia; de esta se hizo extraccion de los datos relacionados con la edad, metodo de planificacion, sector de residencia y hallazgos oncologicos, los cuales incluyen resultados positivos como LIE y neoplasia intraepitelial vaginal (NIVA), en grados bajo y alto, adenocarcinoma y carcinoma escamoso; hallazgos de significado indeterminado como ASCUS, ASC-H, AGC-NOS (del ingles atypical glandular cells not otherwise specified) y AGCneoplasia, y otros reportes como inflamacion, atrofia, reparacion y radiacion.
mientras que los hallados para las celulas clasificadas como ASCUS se encontraron entre 79 y 129, y para las celulas clasificadas como LIEBG estuvieron entre 100 y 159.
The study group included 415 diagnosed cases of ASCUS, 118 LSIL, 37 ASC-H, 15 HSIL, 1 squamous cell carcinoma and 17 cases of abnormal glandular epithelial cells (AGC).
5% had an HSIL reported on their subsequent Pap smear and the rest of the abnormalities were LSIL and ASCUS (Table 1).
In Saudi eastern region study by Balaha et al3, a lesser age group was seen in most of the reported lesions besides ASCUS and LSIL which are at par with the current study.
Cannonia differs from other Xylariaceae genera by its ascus features: broad cylindrical to clavate, 8spored, with very short pedicel, inamyloid, lacking apical apparatus, and the ascus can be evanescent.
Prevalence and typing of HPV DNA by hybrid capture II in women with ASCUS, ASC-H, LSIL, and AGC on ThinPrep Pap tests.
Women 21-29 years of age--obtain annual smears with HPV reflex test if result indicates ASCUS until the age of 30.
Comparing to cytological diagnosis, HR-HPV was detected in 25% of the women with NSIL, 72% with ASCUS, 68% with LSIL and 78% with HSIL.
An ascospore is a spore contained in an ascus, or which was produced inside an ascus--the spore-bearing cell produced in ascomycete fungi.