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Synonyms for ascription

the act of attributing

Synonyms for ascription

assigning some quality or character to a person or thing

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Because the state is complicit in creating racial stigma and its consequences, Equal Protection doctrine should expand to encompass a remedy for ascriptive injury.
judging her as an individual, engaged in ascriptive stereotyping.
The mutual sense of otherness between urban dwellers and peasants, the city and the countryside, has been analyzed in different Middle Eastern contexts by Rosen (1984), Eickelman (1976), Porter (2003), where it emerged as a set of ascriptive definitions, grounded in the objectification of certain ways of living and material conditions, which help different actors and groups define their belongings, identities, cultural borders.
In that sense, clan identity is "neither fixed nor ascriptive, but socially embedded and constrained" (Collins 2006, p.
While this justification might not appeal to those who value what Richard Fallon calls ascriptive autonomy--"a moral right to personal sovereignty" (252)--it can be persuasive to those who aim to maximize what Fallon calls descriptive autonomy--a person's actual ability to chart her own course.
As long as Kallen, the thinker most closely associated with cultural pluralism, remains primarily linked to ascriptive criteria of group membership, the significance of the Jewish place in the construction of American pluralism will be marginalized.
37) She argues that tribal membership rules, while not as ascriptive as commonly theorized in the literature, are too focused on territory, history, and culture to be legitimate.
Polarization: Transitional societies are typically polarized between Westernized civil society, clientalist patron-client sectors and ascriptive corporate groups.
Besides there was the matter of birth, in spite of ascriptive limitation, I became somewhat a priyayi (aristocratic class) of high birth.
Her paper suggests a similarly ascriptive role for autonomy.
The 'wild black' meaning was given to Robinson by a Thawa speaker, and it is quite possible that this speaker said 'Bidawal wild black', meaning that the Bidawal people were 'wild blacks' (an ascriptive predication) rather than that the word Bidawal meant 'wild black' (an equational predication).
Not only did Mexican states and British Columbian chiefdoms have a political need for awe-inducing elaborate art, given their emphasis on ascriptive or inherited status, they were far more able to produce such art.
8) The main difference between the two is that a 'corporate consociation accommodates groups according to ascriptive criteria, and rests on the assumption that group identities are fixed, and that groups are both internally homogeneous and externally bounded', while 'liberal .
That is, trust that is based on reciprocity has been shown to impact overall social capital differently than that of ascriptive trust, or trust based on group identity.