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Synonyms for ascription

the act of attributing

Synonyms for ascription

assigning some quality or character to a person or thing

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Because the state is complicit in creating racial stigma and its consequences, Equal Protection doctrine should expand to encompass a remedy for ascriptive injury.
judging her as an individual, engaged in ascriptive stereotyping.
9) I am aware that I'm leaving important issues unaddressed here; in particular, more should be said regarding the relative roles played by copula and general terms in an explanation of the ascriptive nature of complete predicates.
At present, age still remains one of the last ascriptive characteristics where de jure discrimination and social approval meet.
9) Middle Eastern anthropology shows that fellaheen and hadareen (urban dwellers) self-definitions are ascriptive concepts grounded in behavioral and performative practices, informed by shared ideas (10) about hospitality, wealth, gender differences and, very marginally, actual occupations.
Next, Woodford (2002) describes ascriptive recruitment as the "beliefs and knowledge that are made available or denied to individuals on the basis of age, gender, culture, socioeconomic status, or other factors" (p.
Social constructivism: The proponents of social constructivism believe that ethnic identity is the combination of both ascriptive traits (birth place, tribe, clan etc.
Ascriptive stereotyping occurs when an employer assumes that an individual possesses certain traits and attributes because of her sex that render her unqualified for a particular position.
As long as Kallen, the thinker most closely associated with cultural pluralism, remains primarily linked to ascriptive criteria of group membership, the significance of the Jewish place in the construction of American pluralism will be marginalized.
37) She argues that tribal membership rules, while not as ascriptive as commonly theorized in the literature, are too focused on territory, history, and culture to be legitimate.
Polarization: Transitional societies are typically polarized between Westernized civil society, clientalist patron-client sectors and ascriptive corporate groups.
On the liberal (or, more properly, neoliberal left), this is obvious in the degree to which, as Adolph Reed has put it, we increasingly act as if "only inequalities resultant from unfavorable treatment based on negatively sanctioned ascriptive distinctions like race qualify as injustice and warrant remedial action" ("The 'Color Line'" 271).
In her extensive research, Hirsh found "the easiest way for establishments to desegregate" and thereby change their gender and race profile is "to promote workers from an occupational category in which their ascriptive group is over-represented into an occupational category in which the group is underrepresented " (p.
Meagher details the power dynamics of segments of the networks by adding layer by layer of ascriptive, affective, business and political dimensions.
Not only did Mexican states and British Columbian chiefdoms have a political need for awe-inducing elaborate art, given their emphasis on ascriptive or inherited status, they were far more able to produce such art.