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Synonyms for ascription

the act of attributing

Synonyms for ascription

assigning some quality or character to a person or thing

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The world 'out there' remains a series of ascriptions we make that are related to and interpreted within the context of human experience and knowing in which they arise.
This ascription to God of non-violence and the resultant inability to address it "stridently and forcefully" cause those "outside violence" to unknowingly facilitate and allow for it, in both divine and human contexts.
The stigmatized racial ascriptions we suffer under today are constructed in substantial part out of implicit and explicit stereotypes and implicit affective biases, which are in turn facilitated by physical isolation and by social disadvantage visibly associated with racial divisions.
Without these ascriptions, the interplay in the lounge that stages a confrontation would not have been possible.
By bodily self-ascription, de Vignemont means the ascription of bodily properties.
His seeming semantic antirealism arises from his interpretative tactic of inverting Tarski's definitional strategy and thereby treating reference and satisfaction ascriptions to terms and predicates as at a higher level of theoreticity--and thus ontologically less committal--than ascriptions of truth and falsity to sentences (toward which behaviorally determinate attitudes of assent and dissent, suggestive of brute contact with reality, are appropriate).
1999), it was hypothesised that changes in participants' ascriptions of height-fear onset pathways over a 12-month period would be observed, although to a lesser extent because of the consistency in measurement over time in the present study.
The participation of the Borisoglebskii Monastery in the policy of ascriptions practiced by large monastic houses is striking.
This policy of ours seems to have misled Marshall (and a number of other critics) into thinking that the only evidence for Defoe's authorship of works like Moll Flanders and The Fortunate Mistress is the "external" evidence provided by the Francis Noble ascriptions.
Not much attention is usually paid to the fact that in order for narrow content to defend content psychology in face of the externalist threat, the semantic (or quasi-semantic) interpretation it is supposed to have should be such that it enables content ascriptions to capture individualistic features of intentional states.
On either side several hunks of cardboard on which Jake has written in syllabics the texts for the ascriptions of glory and praise to Jesus Christ at the reading of the Holy Gospel: and the opening sentence of the Aaronic blessing, "The Lord bless you and keep you.
This is important to keep in mind because realizing that ascriptions of identity are interpretations and not absolutely objective facts (even if there are also power relations that make the ascriptions of identity very difficult to change) helps us avoid placing knowledge about identity forever beyond critique.
under the category of "Various Poems" without even conceding that they might be assigned as "Doubtful Ascriptions.
Some opening ascriptions are 'Mighty God,' 'Our Maker,' 'Source of all Being,' or 'Creator and Sustainer.
Not labeled as appendices, but functioning as such, we find a listing of all the composers identified in the ascriptions reported in the catalog with basic biographical and bibliographic information, and a similar list of the known poets for the texts, indicating for each which of their poems were set to music along with the composers and sources for the songs.