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Synonyms for ascription

the act of attributing

Synonyms for ascription

assigning some quality or character to a person or thing

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Nowhere in his book can one find an explicit example of a quantum mechanical situation in which his conditions on property ascription entail its failure.
The fourth orientation - ascription - refers to what can be attributed to a person.
Recognizing that we are only making an ascription and that what actually exists is out of reach to human knowing is what I call taking an 'ontological neutral' stance.
This ascription to God of non-violence and the resultant inability to address it "stridently and forcefully" cause those "outside violence" to unknowingly facilitate and allow for it, in both divine and human contexts.
It is a self-report instrument, prepared in the context of VBN theory, consisted of six constructs as Energy Conservation Behaviors, Ascription of Responsibility, Awareness of Consequences, Personal Norms, New Environmental Paradigm, and universal values.
Down in class Ascription has the highest handicap rating and drops in class having run fifth behind Toormore in the Group 2 Lennox Stakes last time.
Completing a strong field are Absolutely So, Aeolus, Ascription, Glory Awaits, Code Red and Limato.
Under Jamie Spencer, Charlie Hills' charge scored by half a length from Ascription, with Absolutely So a similar distance back in third.
She also said the Senate's ascription to the incident as a "massacre" and not "mis-encounter" is not in any way excessive, as what the CHR Chair Loretta Ann "Etta" Rosales described it.
B describes the evidence for the hierarchical nature of racial ascription as it operates in individual acts of racial perception and classification.
Palmer won the race last year with the four-year-old Ascription.
And yet, given the nature and extent of the viscount's inherited wealth can we assume that the 'much needed sense of optimism' with which the IEA credits him (and which is very apparent in his excellent books), derives as much from his long-subsidised land-based secure inheritance as from his ascription to the 'free market policy ideas' so central to the IEA ?
Genomovar ascription by RFLP analysis of the 16S rRNA gene grouped all the isolates under genomovar II.
In reality, we are dealing here with a double ascription (of identity) because the respective presence can refer simultaneously to a specific group affiliation (inmate, immigrant), the embodiment of a more or less identifiable role, and the possibilities of relationships and modes of entanglement that these ascriptions may allow.
He was well beaten by Ascription on that occasion and a further start at Newmarket the following month yielded a similarly disappointing result so Charlton bided his time before sending him to Kempton at the end of October.