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sexually produced fungal spore formed within an ascus

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This indicated that some portion of the overwintering cleistothecia was not mature enough for ascospore release to occur and suggested that we did not understand the biology of E.
Ascospores short ellipsoidal, fusoid, laterally compressed, golden yellow brown, 7.
Ascospore ornamentation and its application to the taxonomic re-evaluation in Emericella [in Japanese].
Following the procedure of Hansen and Smith (1932), 10 monoconidial and 10 monoaseosporic cultures were produced, respectively, using one of the numerous mass isolates obtained from infected roots and crowns collected in the sectors where perithecia were not found, and from ascospores exuded by perithecia developed on PDA.
The site exhibited a private allele at the DIA locus (141), which dominated in the ascospore isolates (genotype O).
a) the average ascospore volume in tetrasporic asci: 15,000 um3 instead of 10,000 um3 and 5,000 um3, the last two measured in the single last two Tuber species, respectively; b) the ascospores shape and ornamentation: spherical (22.
salcifolium and four species of the genera Terfezia and Tirmania using ascospores and mycelial cultures obtained from Ascospore germination.
Effects of shredding or treating apple leaf litter with urea on ascospore dose of Venturia inaequalis and disease buildup.
The treatment is still equally effective, even if the ascospore release event does not occur until several weeks later.
Asci subglobose to clavate small walled, uniseriate, unitunicate, evanescent, 8 ascospores, with measure 32-56 x 7,4 [micro]m, young ascospore greyish yellow in colour at maturity, turning amber in colour, ellipsoidal with an equatorial germ slit, 35-40x 18-20 [micro]m, having one or two germ pore.
On the basis of the above characteristics, and especially taking into account the ascospore ornamentation observed under scanning electron microscopy (Figure 2), we identified the isolate as N.
25 ml sterile, distilled water, and after 1 h, spreading 10-50 [Mu] of the ascospore suspension onto a thinly poured agar plate (Cornmeal malt extract (CMM) + 4.
These were shown to effectively reduce ascospore germination and mycelial growth of E.