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any fungus of the class Ascomycetes (or subdivision Ascomycota) in which the spores are formed inside an ascus

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Purification and characterization of a novel laccase from the ascomycete Trichoderma atroviride: application on bioremediation of phenolic compounds.
Kuhls K, Lieckfeldt E, Samuels G, Kovacs W, Meyervii W, Petrini O, Gams W, Borner T, Kubicek C (1996) Molecular evidence that the asexual industrial fungus Trichoderma reesei is a clonal derivative of the ascomycete Hypocrea jecorina.
Most of the 27 plant species sampled (59%) were capable of hosting both ascomycete and basidiomycete yeast species, with more plant species hosting ascomycetes (74%) than basidiomycetes (59%; Tables 2 and 3).
Black Sigatoka is a leaf spot disease caused by ascomycete fungus Mycosphaerella fijiensis (Morelet).
The orange peel fungus (Aleuria aurantia) of the order Pezizales is an ascomycete fungus that is noticeable in late summer and fall throughout many parts of North America and Europe.
Of the four locations sampled, the elevator entrance yielded the greatest diversity with four unique fungal species and one unidentified Ascomycete.
El mal suramericano de las hojas (SALB), enfermedad endemica del caucho (Hevea brasiliensis), y principal limitante del cultivo en America, es causado por el hongo ascomycete Microcyclus ulei (anamorfo Fusicladium macrosporum).
Laboulbeniales is a large group of ascomycete fungi which complete their entire lifecycle on living arthropods.
She said she found common molds and spores of cladosporium, coprinus, ascomycete, myxomycete, aspergillus/penicillium and bipolaris/drechslera in the building, with the largest concentrations in the basement and main reception area.
High photobiont diversity associated with the euryoecious lichen-forming ascomycete Lecanora rupicola (Lecanoraceae, Ascomycota).
An ascospore is a spore contained in an ascus, or which was produced inside an ascus--the spore-bearing cell produced in ascomycete fungi.
Life history of an undescribed ascomycete isolated from a granular mycetoma of man.
The narrowness of the base is illustrated by the dominance of ascomycete fungi in the control of bacterial diseases.