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accumulation of serous fluid in peritoneal cavity

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No ascites or omental caking is present and there is no metastatic disease demonstrated in the liver or osseous structures.
The postoperative ascites gradually resolved, and his BP and CVP returned to their normal ranges.
E/A ratio <1, an indicator of diastolic dysfunction was predictive of slow ascites clearance and death after TIPS.
It may manifest with chylous ascites and chyloretroperitoneum (1, 2).
Ascites, severe oedema, and umbilical hernia had been present since birth.
Stage I: liver grade 0, spleen grade 0, no ascites or pleural effusion; Stage II: liver grade 1, spleen grade 0 or 1, no ascites or pleural effusion; Stage III: liver grade 2, splenic grade 1 or 2, no ascites or pleural effusion; Stage IV: liver grade 2, spleen grade 1 or 2, with ascites and/or pleural effusion; Stage Va: liver grade 3, spleen grade 1 or 2, no ascites and/or pleural effusion; Stage Vb: liver grade 3, splenic grade 1 or 2, with ascites and/or pleural effusion.
studied 101 patients and found serum PCT may be a satisfactory diagnostic marker than CRP in patients with liver cirrhosis related ascites.
By moving ascites to the bladder, where the body can eliminate it naturally through urination, thealfapump System prevents fluid build-up and its possible complications, improving patient quality of life and reducing hospital visits and healthcare costs.
NanoAntibiotics (OTC PINK:NNAB), a development stage company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialisation of innovative drug therapies, reported on Thursday that it has filed US, Japanese and international (PCT) patent protection applications for its novel CIPT Technology being developed for the treatment of ascites due to liver cirrhosis.
TIPS significantly improves LFT survival, liver disease related death, recurrence of ascites and Hepatorenal syndrome but it also increases the risk of post TIPS hepatic encephalopathy in 30% of cases.
GlobalData's clinical trial report, "Ascites Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2016" provides an overview of Ascites clinical trials scenario.
Earlier this year LAT Pharma met with the FDA to discuss a submission for a novel therapy to treat ascites due to liver cirrhosis.
8) Pathologic accumulation of peritoneal fluid results in ascites fluid (obtained through peritoneocentesis) that is generally submitted to the laboratory for evaluation/ The amount of peritoneal fluid normally present is 5mL to 20mL, but may be as much as 50mL, particularly in women during ovulation.