ascidian tadpole

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free-swimming larva of ascidians

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- Overall, densities of ascidian tadpole larvae were uniformly highest in samples nearest the rock surfaces.
- On wall 1 during spring/summer, there was a significant difference (Wilcoxon's signed-ranks test, P [less than] 0.05) between density of ascidian tadpole larvae 1-5 cm over invertebrate-covered surfaces vs.
Ascidian tadpole larvae and mussel pediveligers had very significant density differences among 1-5 cm, 1 m, and [greater than]200 m from the rock walls during days of both high and low flow.
The results of this study show a clear horizontal pattern of distribution away from vertical rock substrata for ascidian tadpole larvae, mussel pediveligers, veliconcha-stage mussel larvae, Anomia veligers, hydroid actinula larvae, and others.
Ascidian tadpole larvae, which have short-to-moderate dispersal showed the expected pattern; they were found at higher densities 15 cm from rock surfaces, were usually rare at 1 m, and were almost never found farther away.
The ascidian tadpole larva is regarded as a prototype of the ancestral chordate.