ascidian tadpole

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free-swimming larva of ascidians

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Overall, densities of ascidian tadpole larvae were uniformly highest in samples nearest the rock surfaces.
05) between density of ascidian tadpole larvae 1-5 cm over invertebrate-covered surfaces vs.
The ascidian tadpole larvae were more abundant 1 m from the wall on days of higher flow than they were on days of lower flow, compared to the layer 1-5 cm from the walls.
The results of this study show a clear horizontal pattern of distribution away from vertical rock substrata for ascidian tadpole larvae, mussel pediveligers, veliconcha-stage mussel larvae, Anomia veligers, hydroid actinula larvae, and others.
Ascidian tadpole larvae, which have short-to-moderate dispersal showed the expected pattern; they were found at higher densities 15 cm from rock surfaces, were usually rare at 1 m, and were almost never found farther away.
However ascidian tadpole larvae were common prey for both anemones and octocorals.
Further documentation of the cells in the nervous system of the ascidian tadpole larva will, however, require a dedicated study of the sensory vesicle, where at least 60% of the cells in the CNS reside [8].
Ultrastructure of sensory receptors in ascidian tadpoles.