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Synonyms for asceticism

Synonyms for asceticism

the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state

the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures)

rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint

References in classic literature ?
It inculcated universal asceticism and social levelling in its crudest form.
The mere sight of his excellent appetite was an assurance of success; for I had very clear recollections of days and nights without a thought of food, when his baffled mind had chafed before some problem while his thin, eager features became more attenuated with the asceticism of complete mental concentration.
In Shaykh San'an's case, the unveiling of the Christian girl first brings bewilderment and then awareness leading him away from his disciplined asceticism to love mysticism.
He argues that the metaphor of the instrument served to provide a challenge to the account of providence and providential praxis and shaped the Jesuit's mission and relation to the world, in particular the rejection of asceticism and the philosophy of contemptus mundi, thereby setting them apart from the orders that came before.
Objects are grouped sometimes by material such as textile and sometimes by themes such as asceticism -- irrespective of provenance and date -- to highlight the varied and layered links that inspire collecting.
Ever since, monks who had decided to devote their lifetime for prayers and asceticism, live in the Covent.
If it's principles, campaigns, decency and asceticism you want he has it in spades, but unfortunately these kind of combinations have not proved popular with the wider electorate in recent elections.
Thus it has been read attentively for its insights into Jerome's distinct vision of Christian asceticism and its goals.
Gentleness of Ekhfaiyeh, The stages of mystic: the mystics and true seekers consider seven steps for stages and their arrangement according to "Allamee" book written by Abonasr Seraj are as follows: repentance, piety, asceticism, poverty, trust, patience, contentment and power of spirit reconstruction.
Just as the author of Job confronted the problem of why bad things happen to good people, early Christian writers and the monks themselves had to figure out why asceticism was not always rewarded with positive physical consequences.
Burton's descriptions conjure the complex morality of 17th Century Amsterdam – proud and protective of their mercantile success but also answerable to the Protestant asceticism enforced by the Burgomasters.
2015 * Curated by Julia Friedrich * When Andrea Buttner takes on the soulfully self-conscious themes of shame, asceticism, and faith and realizes them in clay, glass, and woodcuts, an educated pathos results.
On Liturgical Asceticism" discusses the theological place of asceticism in Christianity, and how it should be integrated from the Eastern Orthodox faith into the Western churches, and encouraging its virtues to the Christian faith as a whole.
Unfortunately, Yu does not take into account Max Weber's famous discussion of "inner-worldly asceticism" as a form of asceticism practiced in this world and in everyday life that does not require "moving to the desert" (10).
The Sacred Body: Asceticism in Religion, Literature, Art, and Culture.