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Synonyms for asceticism

Synonyms for asceticism

the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state

the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures)

rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint

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This asceticism was bound up with an equally social practice of humility, whose internal logic leads, as Demacopoulos nicely puts it, even to "denying oneself spiritual joys, particularly the joys of contemplation and retreat" (27).
4) Ver, por ejemplo, Julia Twigg, "Modern Asceticism and Contemporary Body Culture," in Beyond Pleasure: Cultures of Modern Asceticism, ed.
The EDI has been revised for first time in 1991 and its original format was retained while including 27 items to measure further general features such as asceticism, impulse regulation and social insecurity (2, 3).
Asceticism in Qur'an and Nahjalbalagheh: asceticism is freedom from material world and moving toward hereafter, a spiritual and mystical virtue containing an excellent meaning that is introduced as a stage of devotion and is mentioned in holy Qur'an.
Likewise, Evagrius of Pontus, no amateur in the arena of self-denial, labeled the desire for extreme asceticism a form of gluttony.
Indian asceticism held a central place in the imperial imagination of Britain.
2015 * Curated by Julia Friedrich * When Andrea Buttner takes on the soulfully self-conscious themes of shame, asceticism, and faith and realizes them in clay, glass, and woodcuts, an educated pathos results.
Objects are grouped sometimes by material such as textile and sometimes by themes such as asceticism -- irrespective of provenance and date -- to highlight the varied and layered links that inspire collecting.
He argues that the metaphor of the instrument served to provide a challenge to the account of providence and providential praxis and shaped the Jesuit's mission and relation to the world, in particular the rejection of asceticism and the philosophy of contemptus mundi, thereby setting them apart from the orders that came before.
Conforming to the same rhetoric, the Christian girl who leads Shaykh San'an away from his asceticism and infatuates him by her beauty is the one who initiates him into the higher religion of love as well (Ilahi-Ghomshei 43).
Unfortunately, Yu does not take into account Max Weber's famous discussion of "inner-worldly asceticism" as a form of asceticism practiced in this world and in everyday life that does not require "moving to the desert" (10).
The Sacred Body: Asceticism in Religion, Literature, Art, and Culture.
Asceticism in Greek means "training," and I suggest that the asceticism we humans ought to undertake is the daily dose of suffering that our finiteness sends us every day, unsolicited; embrace it for the goodness that lies hidden in it, and strive to transcend and transform--as much as possible the unavoidable pain in it into good.
In this asceticism, the means take priority over the end; the self-discipline needed to strategically attract and seduce women takes priority over the sex, or at least forms an important end in addition to the sex.
Crusade tells the story of two of these young people: Georgette, who sets off with her brother against the wishes of her father and the local priest who had taken her under his wing; and Robert, the scarred, intelligent orphan adopted by the Abbot of Blois and destined for a life of religious asceticism.