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pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline


practicing great self-denial

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The notion of perfection also appears in the ascetical literature from the 13th century under the rubric of the "Three Ways of Perfection.
As Petrarch understood, Augustine was a Platonist, whose ascetical and mystical intentions toward contemplation did ultimately abandon texts for ideas.
To confront the curse of modernity, Panichas said, there was "need of an unconditional conservatism, lean, ascetical, disciplined, prophetic, unswerving in its censorial task, strenuous in its mission, strong in its faith, faithful in its dogma, pure in its metaphysic.
Although the desire to know is surely the characteristically human desire, nothing could be more human, and more ordinary, than the experience of less ascetical inclinations.
But to understand what mediaeval ascetical movements understood to be the purpose of self-denial requires a study at least of Porphyry and Augustine, or the hermetic tradition, and all the intellectual baggage on this subject which late antique philosophy carried about with it.
The third essay considers the ascetical instruction of the letter of James about the control of one's tongue to speak true wisdom.
Jerome wanted to impress upon his readers that this ascetical transformation in Christ's name was a hard-won accomplishment.
between moral theology and ascetical and mystical theology, a
For Palamas, the criterion for truth is the holy tradition, that is, the Eastern Christian ascetical practices and the interpretation of the scriptures.
Sainthood in times past seemed reserved for virgins, martyrs dying horrendous deaths, or ascetical monks withdrawn from world.
112-14,124-25, and 251-52), offered a model of Sufi sanctity complicitous with the state, one that contrasted starkly with the Chishti ascetical, apolitical stance.
At nearly their twentieth session in the year, this same group might do a theological reflection for its common lesson or have an exercise around the topic of our life in Christ, exploring ascetical theology and ways they may be called to respond to the world around them.
Having completed a year of ascetical theology study at the Jesuit Tertianship in Pomfret, Conn.
In the words of Lilburn, "a particular attachment to system is error--it truncates eros--but an essential scaffolding: its erection and disassembling the inevitable ascetical path for the erotic self" (147).