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Synonyms for ascetic

Synonyms for ascetic

someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline

pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline


practicing great self-denial

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Carino explained that in fact, the toxicity or any adverse effects of biogenic or naturally fermented ascetic acid is exactly the same as the synthetic or nonbiogenic kind.
The Samadhi at Karnali belongs to an Udasi ascetic who was venerated by both Hindus and Sikhs.
Reports said even the police were taken aback by the appearance of the criminal who, like a typical ascetic, had grown his hair and was sporting a beard and vermilion marks on his face to conceal his identity.
Ramdev said as an ascetic, he should stay away from awards.
In another example that shows some differences in Bunchi's and Isshi's ascetic practices, Cogan points to Bunchi's decision to build a platform for the bodhisattva precepts, not the Vinaya precepts, which are at the center of Isshi's monastic practice (222).
(1) Building upon the insights of French philosopher Michel Foucault, who places the body at the center of the struggle between different formations of power/knowledge, this essay examines how different discursive formations, in this case British colonial and Indian nationalist, inscribed the body differently in their respective "regimes of truth." Responding to colonial criticisms, Gandhi reworked Hindu ascetic practices to formulate an anticolonial discourse that restructured the body's economy of pleasures prioritizing self-discipline in the service of the nation.
of Hawai'i) investigates how the minimal ascetic hut became a source for an amplified architecture in ancient India and its traditions of asceticism, especially in the practices of Buddhism.
It is also an exhortation to experience the natural world with the crystalline insights of the desert ascetic or the intensity of the artist and, ultimately, to hear the Word in the pure silence of ecological contemplation.
For seven years he led an ascetic life of solitude in the Carpathian mountains, living apart from his wife for much of the time.
He begins with the ascetic ideals of various philosophical schools in antiquity and proceeds through the questions of diet, property, and sexual purity in early Judaism; he then turns to the Christian tradition.
The ascetic's body was anointed with oil, herbs and flowers.
As heirs to the martyrs, ascetics embodied and made present the foundational values of the community; "the primordial past resided in the numinous space created by the ascetic" (p.
There are autobiographical references in the book, linking it with his previous study The Sacred Desert (2004), and in some ways the book traces out further reflections on the early ascetic movement in Christianity with a deliberate focus on the body.