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rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint

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Reading this, I reflected deeply on my own impatience and resolved to accept the unwished-for ascesis as necessary to my own inner healing.
Ascesis occupies a central place in Foucault's thought on subjectivization and ethics, and his conception of suicide is inextricably entwined with it.
Therefore, he arranges his churches in a pattern corresponding to the position of key stars in the sky, the result of which should be a power-concentrating, magical structure through which he hopes "to submit to his will the seven planetary daemons who control them and prevent his transcendental ascesis," with the aim of "establishing a current of sympathetic magic between heaven and earth that would function as a magical ladder to heaven" (12) which his soul could safely climb to an eternal harmony of the Self.
Martin seems constantly to refigure the paradox that conditions or states of absence generate their own peculiar kinds of presence--that plenitude is always pressing at the door of the empty room; that a depletion or ascesis of visual abundance, rather than a stockpiling of sensuous information, may put us closer to what Veronique Foti calls "the intense visuality of a receptive attunement to presencing;" "the infinite play of an energy of manifestation that is at one with emptiness.
Ecumenical dialogue has its problems and challenges: it is a continual ascesis of rebirth and renewal towards the fellowship of the church.
Motes's drastic ascesis at the end is but the radical extension (and reversal) of the podiatric punishments he had inflicted on himself as a boy in order to get rid of sin and to retain his autonomy.
In this matter Merton on one occasion singled out the Russian writer Boris Pasternak, with whom he had begun a correspondence, as someone who exemplified an authentic ascesis of work.
And, theology can best learn this truth in the art of ascesis, a mystic practice of crucifixion that leads ultimately to an ecstatic ascent to God (14).
The result was The Big Stick/An Old Reel (1967-73), his self-tutorial in montage, the ascesis of narrative, and the beauties of caustic rhythms.
Cope's burning woods, Hazel Motes performing his awful ascesis at the end, Mrs.
It carries with it a personal ascesis or moral discipline which means that the interests of the physician or caregiver will always come second to those of the patient, and it is this that allows the exchange of power to happen.
On the problematic oscillations between desire and containment, language and body in Ancrene Wisse, see Price, '"Inner" and "outer"', Sarah Beckwith, 'Passionate regulation: enclosure, ascesis and the feminist imaginary', South Atlantic Quarterly, 93 (1994), 803-24, and Cannon, 'The form of the self'.
Dorothy Wordsworth's reluctance to follow her brother's path of frequent publication owes something to gender subordination, but is more an ascesis or knowing demurral.
Easter Communion" presents a pallid portrait of spiritual ascesis requisite to Lenten austerities.
Although her notion of analysis, she later understood, was quite naive--believing it to be an ascesis or mystical quest--she went to see Lacan.