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rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint

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And, theology can best learn this truth in the art of ascesis, a mystic practice of crucifixion that leads ultimately to an ecstatic ascent to God (14).
Part 1, "Ascesis," lays out the devotional significance of scourging and the argument of the book, that flagellation's specificity is its ritual, and thus theatrical and performative, character, and that it is also a practice of memorialization and transfiguration, aimed at "actualizing through performance something that words cannot reach" (14).
He then complicates his argument by examining how this model of sacrificial desire, because (in part) it is mediated through language, not only remains anchored in the Symbolic, but is in fact 'deployed in order to engender a subjectivity grounded in displays of renunciation and ascesis that appear to give up everything, while in fact holding on to an identity grounded in ethical sacrifice, to a fantasy of sacrifice that serves as a screen for the subject's sovereignty' (p.
The result was The Big Stick/An Old Reel (1967-73), his self-tutorial in montage, the ascesis of narrative, and the beauties of caustic rhythms.