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something that has been discovered

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For this study, MACDP was considered the standard for FAS case identification because of its multiple-source case ascertainment, including maternal and infant medical record review within the hospital of birth during the newborn period.
Compared with the current surveillance method, record linkage resulted in increased case ascertainment for all but two specific causes of death (pregnancy-induced hypertension and anesthesia complications).
Bulgarian Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Zinaida Zlatanova has recommended a comprehensive inspection of the activity of the Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest (CPACI) due to the scandal in which its former Chair was involved.
This ascertainment is imposed after the fact that the Secretariat is the weakest chain in the Government because it behaves as though the European agenda has been removed from its activities and like it erased the motto "Love Macedonia, live in Europe".
I focused on death from vCJD because no measurement error exists in the date of death, and ascertainment delay is less of an issue for this than for the date of disease onset.
Therefore, we do not see how our definition of headache "would lead to imprecision in case ascertainment and hence a minimal estimate of the risk." Sin-Eng Chia Hwee-Pin Chia Department of Community Occupational & Family Medicine National University of Singapore Singapore, Republic of Singapore E-mail:
The addition in 1993 of hospital discharge reports as an ascertainment source resulted in a substantial increase in the number of silicosis case reports identified annually (Table 1).
Fidosova, who has noted that she would remain a member of the party, has explained that she wants to aclear her namea after allegations emerged that she secretly gave orders to Filip Zlatanov, Chair of Bulgaria's Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest, during GERBas term in power.
He concludes his analysis with a sarcastic ascertainment that Macedonia is "a small isolated heaven".
Polymerase chain reaction may increase case ascertainment, but basic microbiologic testing on a large scale is required.
Most have yet to be validated for ascertainment of health or disease.
Prevalence estimates were calculated only for ANs because ascertainment was considered incomplete for other racial/ethnic groups.