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something that has been discovered

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A software for the complete management of the entire process resulting management of the ascertainment of infringements of the Highway Code,
Petrova, ex MP from Burgas Region, informed she made the decision after she saw her name in the infamous notebook of the former Chair of Bulgaria's Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest (CPACI), Filip Zlatanov.
This ascertainment is imposed after the fact that the Secretariat is the weakest chain in the Government because it behaves as though the European agenda has been removed from its activities and like it erased the motto "Love Macedonia, live in Europe".
In addition, the higher observed incidence in Oregon may have been a result of greater case ascertainment because hospital discharge data were used rather than physician and laboratory reports.
Using a simple formula, we can obtain an estimate that controls for ascertainment.
Overnight Market Research is used by television stations, program syndicators, market researchers and agencies to test program schedules, talent approval, news series and positioning; and to take flow studies, coincidentals and ascertainment research.
KfW is focused on the elimination of poverty, ascertainment of access to opportunities emerging from globalization for all as well as protection of climate and preservation of natural resources, and maintenance of peace.
Fidosova, who has noted that she would remain a member of the party, has explained that she wants to aclear her namea after allegations emerged that she secretly gave orders to Filip Zlatanov, Chair of Bulgaria's Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest, during GERBas term in power.
He concludes his analysis with a sarcastic ascertainment that Macedonia is "a small isolated heaven".
Although administrative controls instituted relatively late in this transmission chain reduced the number of contacts for some SARS patients, we cannot exclude the possibility that ascertainment of contacts for patients who did not transmit SARS was incomplete.
Projects focusing on any phase of the gene discovery process, from initial patient ascertainment to positional cloning, are appropriate.
effective ascertainment of credit needs resulted in the development of sound credit products and counseling services.
1 provides: Detailed design and construction works for WTP - White for 14 100 pe according to approved project; Exercising supervision during construction; supply and installation of technological equipment; staff training, including during construction; single and complex testing and transmission ascertainment model -15; commissioning.
The Members of the Parliament will also examine an account of the activities of the Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest (CPACI); will vote on 3 drafts for amending the Penal Code and debate amendments to the Employment Encouragement Act.
Without summarizing the achievements and damages of Wednesday's police action in village Radusha, the general impression resulted with a defeated ascertainment.