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something that has been discovered

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Electors then sign each of the six Certificates of Vote and attach one of the aforementioned Certificates of Ascertainment to all of them, and follow up by sealing them and certifying that they do in fact contain the list of electoral votes for president and vice president from that particular state.
programs with prenatal ascertainment and programs without prenatal ascertainment) and maternal race/ethnicity (i.
Additional test methods that provide adequate sensitivity and specificity and that are acceptable to health professionals and patients could therefore improve ascertainment of pertussis and provide data that are more representative of disease within the population.
These include case ascertainment methods, pregnancy outcomes, and nomenclature used by various birth defects surveillance programs.
Case ascertainment was rapid, and all cases were classified uniformly.
The data are persuasive because this was a first-rate study," with a large sample, a high case response rate (80%), and best-practice ascertainment of medication use among the participants.
Apart from acting as a reference body and advisor to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on Shariah matters, "the SAB of the SECP" shall be entrusted with the ascertainment of Islamic law for the purpose of development and promotion of Islamic Financial Institutions (IFI) which includes Islamic Mutual Funds, Islamic Pension Funds, Takaful Operators and other financial institutions which are based on Shariah principles and are supervised and regulated by the SECP.
O'Brien said he has notified Charter that the city has completed its ascertainment period - the allotted time before the expiration of the cable license to review the current license and prepare for the renewal.
Changes in the ascertainment of ASD could occur because of changes in ASD awareness among parents or health care professionals, increased access to diagnostic services, changes in how screening tests or diagnostic criteria are used, or increased special education placements in the communist," they wrote.
Researchers, "found evidence of a strong association between COPD and lung cancer, but this was largely explained by the effect of smoking and is most apparent in recently diagnosed cases of COPD, suggesting a strong element of ascertainment bias.
Because of the strong association between maternal education and smoking in pregnancy (CDC 2010), ascertainment that varies by maternal education has the potential to affect results, even without an assumption of differential ASD ascertainment within smoking strata.
Grobman writes at some length about the concepts of selection bias and ascertainment bias.
Popovski says that the ascertainment that Crvenkovski is the politician that blackened Macedonia is overly exaggerated because if this is the case, then he has supernatural powers.
Trial Chamber of evidence relevant for an effective ascertainment of truth in the adjudication of that case, "Judge Alphons Orie said.