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capable of being ascertained or found out


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the Eleventh Circuit rejected the plaintiffs' proposal that class members could be identified through "self-identification" via affidavit, affirming the denial of class certification because the proposed classes were not ascertainable.
A beneficiary/trustee's power to distribute to self should be limited by an ascertainable standard and prohibit satisfying self's support obligations of another.
In principle, therefore, a class need not be ascertainable to
This Note begins with an exploration of the unique factual circumstances that gave rise to the court's determination that victims of child abuse are reasonably ascertainable creditors.
Parties shall file a supplemental notice as related cases become known or reasonably ascertainable.
The Tax Court ruled that the spouse, as both beneficiary and trustee, could exercise her power to make distributions to herself without the trust being included in her estate because her power was limited by an ascertainable standard.
Under these types of plans, called nonaccount balance plans, benefits typically become reasonably ascertainable when the employee retires.
The court held that the Naify trust had failed to prove that the estimated amount of the claim against the estate for California income tax was ascertainable with reasonable certainty.
They found that direct material costs were easily ascertainable and named the material and labour costs of an item "prime cost".
That works for assets that are divisible and that have a readily ascertainable value.
The stability of the property's revenue streams can be further enhanced through the execution of a number of ascertainable value-add strategies.
Employees may not take from their employer information not generally known to the public, not readily ascertainable by the public, and which the employer has made reasonable attempts to keep secret.
The court observed that in Kansas, a cause of action accrues when an injury is reasonably ascertainable, even if a patient does not suspect negligence as a cause.
1) The settlor has empowered the trustee to make discretionary distributions from the trust to the beneficiary herself without any limitation, such as an ascertainable standard.
The value of the gross estate shall include the value of all property to the extent of any interest therein of which the decedent has at any time made a transfer (except in the case of a bona fide sale for an adequate and full consideration in money or money's worth), by trust or otherwise, under which he has retained for his life or for any period not ascertainable without reference to his death or for any period which does not in fact end before his death--