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capable of being ascertained or found out


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A bill of attainder is created when a legislature, instead of a court, finds an individual or easily ascertainable group guilty of some crime and exacts a punishment.
This paper will deal with the findings of this study in order to discover statistically ascertainable differences in creative styles in relation to religious variables.
Beginning even before Bruckner's birth (two pages are devoted to Bruckner's forebears) and continuing through the aftermath of his death, the chronology lists every ascertainable event in Bruckner's life, ranging from the obviously important (information about composition and performances) to the marginal (his minor ailments).
First, he has provided a readable, accurate text that corresponds to Donne's intentions so far as they are ascertainable. Since the 1610 edition was the only one issued during Donne's lifetime, establishing the text poses comparatively few problems.
Accordingly, the regulations do not require that any amount under a nonaccount balance plan be taken into account for FICA tax purposes until the date on which it becomes "reasonably ascertainable." (This date is referred to in the regulations as the "resolution date.") An amount is considered "reasonably ascertainable" only if the sole actuarial or other assumptions needed to determine the amount deferred are interest, mortality and cost-of-living assumptions.
Further, this distribution represents all of fund's remaining net assets except for amounts that have been set aside for its reasonably ascertainable liabilities and obligations.
The liquidating distribution represents all of the fund's remaining net assets except for amounts set aside for reasonably ascertainable liabilities and obligations of the fund, it said.
For example, the DTSA, as in most states that have adopted the UTSA, requires -- through their definition of trade secrets -- that the plaintiff must establish that information in question derives independent economic value for not being generally known or not readily ascertainable through proper means.
The following excerpt from these regulations defines a separate and distinct intangible asset: The term separate and distinct intangible asset means a property interest of ascertainable and measurable value in money's worth that is subject to protection under applicable State, Federal or foreign law and the possession and control of which is intrinsically capable of being sold, transferred or pledged (ignoring any restrictions imposed on assignability) separate and apart from a trade or business.
The nature and quantum of punitive action, if any, on BIOPL is not yet ascertainable. BIOPL's current strong liquidity will remain sensitive to any such action.
In an effort to ease the burden placed on estate administration by the new "must be paid" rule, three exceptions were created for personal representatives under the final regulations: 1) reasonably ascertainable amounts, 2) claims in the aggregate totaling $500,000 or less, and 3) claims and counterclaims related to assets of the estate.
If the power to consume, invade, or appropriate property from a trust is limited to ascertainable standards, it will not be considered to be a general power of appointment (e.g., for "health, education, maintenance, or support," but not for "comfort, welfare, or happiness").
And, second, the name and ownership interest of each owner must be ascertainable from the deposit account records of the insured bank or from records maintained by the lawyer (or someone hired by the lawyer to perform the recordkeeping task).
That works for assets that are divisible and that have a readily ascertainable value.