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the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical

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A similar full-thickness incision which is used in sagittal split osteotomy was performed between ascending ramus and first molar for removal of the tumor (Figure 3).
3] Lesions usually occur in the mandible and maxilla, although 75% occur in ascending ramus area and result in bony deformities of mandible and maxilla.
The anterior and the posterior portions of the ramus are fragile, and the ascending ramus is damaged particularly.
The major muscles of mastication insert into the ascending ramus.
Within the mandible, susceptible site is posterior body followed by condyle, angle, ascending ramus, coronoid process, anterior body and sigmoid notch in descending frequency.
OPG then took, revealed an extensive ill -defined radiolucency of body of mandible extending from 37 regions involving angle and extending up the ascending ramus of mandible (Fig.
In many instances, patients were remarkably free of symptoms until the cysts reached a large size and involved the maxillary sinus and the entire ascending ramus, including the condylar and coronoid processes.
2-4) Ameloblastoma can occur anywhere in the mandible or maxilla, although the mandibular molar area and the area around the ascending ramus appear to be the most common sites, (5,6) Ameloblastoma is usually a benign, locally infiltrative tumor, although it can undergo malignant transformation and metastasize.
13 Lack of space in the alveolar arch between the distal of the second molar and the ascending ramus, result in impaction.
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