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the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going north

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Specification Value Semimajor axis 42220000 m Orbit inclination 60 degrees Orbit eccentricity 0.02 Argument of perigee 90 degrees Right ascension of ascending node 40 degrees Look angle 2.5 degrees Beam width 0.48 degrees Signal wavelength 0.25m Antenna diameter 30 m Pulse repetition frequency 250 Hz
From both values of the position of the nodes it is clear that possible impacts of the asteroid (101955) Bennu with the earth can occur close after present time, according to the run of the position of the ascending node, and maybe after 1000 yr in the future according to the position of the descending node.
Changes in the out-of-plane orbital elements, such as inclination and right ascension of the ascending node, can be effected by the use of simple switching functions.
In the first case, near its ascending node, Venus passes slightly beyond the Sun's northern limb at inferior conjunction on 1388 November 26, just failing to make a transit.
(3) and (4) are again used to calculate the right ascension of the ascending node [OMEGA], the orbit inclination I, the declination arguments [u.sub.1], [u.sub.2] and the relation of L.
Five out of six orbital elements, semimajor axis a, inclination i, longitude of ascending node [OMEGA], argument of perigee [omega], and mean anomaly M, are used as optimization design variables, while eccentricity e is kept as a constant.
After 105.5 years have elapsed, the next pair of transits in 2117 and 2125 will occur at Venus's ascending node, looking down on December scenes.
His head is astronomically equated with the Moon's ascending node, while the rest of his body, halfway around the sky, is the descending node.
of perihelion, [omega] 96.6[degrees] 111.9[degrees] Ascending node, [OMEGA] 45.0[degrees] 58.9[degrees] Inclination, i 163.9[degrees] 162.2[degrees] Watching for Halley Bits
One reason is that the ascending node of the Moon's orbit has migrated to a point on the ecliptic near the positions of both Jupiter and Saturn.
Marsden from Minor Planet Circular 38308: perihelion date, 2000 July 26.1674 TT; perihelion distance, 0.765004 a.u.; eccentricity, 1.000002; argument of perihelion, 151.0672[degrees]; longitude of ascending node, 83.1907[degrees]; inclination, 149.3902[degrees] (equinox 2000.0).
19, 9h Moon at ascending node Moon at "head of Dragon" Dec.
It is rooted in Hindu astronomy and astrology, which regarded the invisible nodes as a pair of graha, or planetary divinities, known as Rahu (the ascending node) and Ketu (the descending node).
The star lies 5[degree sign] south of the ecliptic in Taurus, and the Moon's path carries it that far south only when the ascending node of the lunar orbit lies in Virgo, Leo, or Cancer.
Designated by omega, it represents the angle measured from the ascending node (where the asteroid crosses the ecliptic plane while moving northward) to the point of perihelion.