ascending node

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the point at which an orbit crosses the ecliptic plane going north

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In any period of 243 years there are either one or two transits at the ascending node and one or two at the descending node.
In the first case, near its ascending node, Venus passes slightly beyond the Sun's northern limb at inferior conjunction on 1388 November 26, just failing to make a transit.
EoACA[pounds sterling]The lunar eclipse of June 26 will occur at the moonEoACAOs ascending node in western Sagittarius, about three degrees east of the Lagoon Nebula.
nc : number of all the WPC of the ascending node index cfs : content all the WPC of the ascending node index ([W.
The eclipse occurs at the Moon's ascending node and belongs to a series which began in 1776 and becomes annular in 2101.
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