ascending colon

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the part of the large intestine that ascends from the cecum to the transverse colon

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Tumors of the terminal ileum, cecum, and ascending colon represent possible causes of progressive intestinal intussusception.
The abdominal X-ray showed a great number of intensive shadows in the area of the ascending colon and the rectum (Figure 1).
The distal part of the duodenum and the proximal part of the jejunum and ileum develop from the cephalic part; the distal part of the ileum, cecum, appendix, ascending colon, and 2/3 proximal part of the transverse colon develop from the caudal part (3-10, 12).
4) found that the descending colon formed a loop behind the ascending colon.
Figures 1 and 2: Axial and sagittal contrast enhanced computed tomography (CECT) at the level of the ileocecal region demonstrate a target-like appearance of the proximal ascending colon, with amorphous hyperdense central components (yellow circle), concerning for a mass.
NER1006 has been developed to provide overall bowel cleansing, with an additional focus on the ascending colon in adults.
2) The sigmoid colon, caecum, rectum and ascending colon are the most commonly involved colonic segments.
A contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen and pelvis demonstrated segmental wall thickening over the ascending colon with several outpouching air-filled or wall-calcified nodules and surrounding fat stranding.
It also revealed ischaemia of the ascending colon, several blood clots inside the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) (Fig.
CT scan of the abdomen revealed ascending colon wall thickening signifying ischemic colitis (Figure 1).
CT confirmed a well-encapsulated, intramesenteric, multilocular cystic mass in close proximity to the ascending colon, inferior part of the duodenum, and segmental mesenteric vessels (Figure 2(a)).
In capsule formulation, Entocort is a first-line therapy indicated for the induction and maintenance of clinical remission of mild to moderate active Crohn's disease involving the ileum and/or the ascending colon.
5%), and the highest prevalence of SSA/P-LGD was in the ascending colon (169 of 534; 31.
Patient was taken up for emergency laparotomy for acute intestinal bowel obstruction, and we found freely mobile and grossly dilated cecum with clockwise axial rotation of ileum, cecum, and ascending colon [Figure 4 and 5].
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