ascending aorta

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the ascending part of the aorta as it emerges from the left ventricle

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9,10) Atherosclerotic lesions in parrots are most commonly found in the great arteries, brachiocephalic trunks, ascending aorta, and pulmonary arteries.
At all four locations of the ascending aorta (with 80-pm intervals from the aortic root), mice in the 5m nano-NH exposure group had significantly greater lesion area than did control mice (Figure 5A,C,D).
The openings of the CAs were identified at the commencement of the ascending aorta.
The wall of the main pulmonary artery is roughly one-fifth the thickness of the ascending aorta.
Two weeks earlier, I had endured open-heart surgery to replace a congenitally defective aortic valve and a good bit of my ascending aorta.
1) It is seen surrounding the ascending aorta and has anterior, posterior and right lateral portions.
The primary part of the surgery consisted of replacing the ascending aorta, the first section of the aorta, with a synthetic cylinder, McPherson said.
The surgeons would then have to have replaced the aortic valve, route, ascending aorta, proximal part of the aortic arch and the first portion of the main artery to the head and neck.
The port-access operation involves a mini-thoracotomy (8 cm) on an arrested heart by using percutaneously inserted endovascular occluder balloons in the ascending aorta.
CASE FACTS: Betty Garrison was hospitalized at Sherman Hospital on July 30, 1991, and diagnosed as having a raptured aneurysm of the ascending aorta.
My standard response is, "How many people come to a doctor and say, 'My ascending aorta is killing me,' or 'My occipital lobe is bothering me'?
Previously available only with mechanical valves, Sorin Group's innovative Mitroflow Valsalva Conduit now offers cardiac surgeons a solution for replacing simultaneously the ascending aorta and the diseased aortic valve with Sorin's highly durable Mitroflow(TM) pericardial aortic valve.
w, mechanical and biological valves of the heart, femoral catheters and prosthetic ascending aorta valve.
An echocardiogram revealed a dilated ascending aorta, severe aortic regurgitation due to a perivalvular leak, normal left ventricular systolic function, and pulmonary arterial hypertension with tricuspid regurgitation and a large right ventricle.
He had an ascending aorta to main pulmonary artery shunt and epicardial pacemaker placed in infancy.