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John Major's ascendence to prime minister marked a decline in the show's fortunes with the writers finding him so boring that they decided to invent an affair between him and Virginia Bottomley.
According to Erikson, the resolution of the identity crisis within a socially supportive environment is significant because it results in the ascendence of psychological strengths, or ego virtues.
Oribe's decorative symbolism, including plovers, plum blossoms and glaze pools suggestive of stream and shade represented man's place in nature as one of ease and harmony, a view more appropriate to shogun, daimyo and samurai freed from the exertions of labour than to a peasantry whose lives were little changed, in the process expressing the ascendence of a new order and a distinctive Japanese identity to be cultivated and protected for the next two and a half centuries.
26) The classical notion that authority emanates from a closed system and a disciplinarian form of control has been replaced by the ascendence of "ultrarapid forms of free-floating control.
30) More recently, a group of 38 clerics urged Sunni Arabs in harsh sectarian terms to support Sunni Iraqis against Shiite ascendence and violence.
The choice of Rime informs us of the poet's stilnovista ascendence.
The result has been the ascendence of a new "managerial" approach to crime control.
In fact, "[e]ven during those moments in the Revolutionary struggle and its immediate aftermath when social radicals seemed to be in the ascendence, proposals contemplating compulsory redistribution of property were remarkably rare.
Their prospects in the region, and perhaps nationwide, depend in large part on how well they develop a compelling identity in the face of Southern Republican ascendence.
Post-World War I in America saw the ascendence of sociology as the promising new discipline to ameliorate social ills.
The separative, atomistic, technical thinking of reflective rationality has gained ascendence in the public realm so that, while such a thinking may be able to comprehend the most formal kind of unity and equality, and to enforce a rights-based community, it has not always gone over of its own accord to a more expanded concept of our relationship to one another.
When, at a later date, the Babylonian Talmud gained ascendence in the Jewish world, the Jews of Ashkenaz kept with them the chant pattern they had used for the Jerusalem Talmud even as they switched to the study of the Babylonian Talmud.
On the semifictitious ascendence of women in the French Enlightenment see Jean Starobinski, L'Invention de la liberte (Geneva: Skira, 1964).
or to use phenomenolo gy to try to gain the ultimate ascendence (by claiming to be neither bendable nor one who bends others) is once again to confuse a zealous obeisance to objectivity with knowledge of reality.
The ascendence of liberal theory led to the decline of interest in the common good.