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infestation of the human intestine with Ascaris roundworms

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Ascaridiasis, trichomoniasis, and Macrorhabdus infection are commonly seen in psittacine species.
Some pathological and biochemical studies on experimental ascaridiasis in chickens, Nahrung, 35: 71-84.
Despues que las Misiones religiosas llenaron a los indigenas de antiparasitarios y mejoraron sus condiciones habituales de vida, la incidencia por Ascaridiasis aumento y la morbilidad junto a la mortalidad ocupan muy altos lugares en las estadisticas medicas.
Impact of improved sanitary conditions and domestic hygiene on the incidence of ascaridiasis and ancylosto-miasis in children two to four years old in the rural zones of Ivory Coast [in French].
study (27) of the association between Ascaris infections in Danish patients and swine or swine manure, using molecular biology techniques, proved that patients had acquired Ascaris from domestic swine and that ascaridiasis is a zoonotic disease.
La ascaridiasis es una enfermedad causada por nematodos del genero Ascaridia Dujardin, 1845.